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 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

Fishing Forum Bait Stealers Overpowered By Abu Garcia’s Blue Yonder!

Fishing After The Hurricane Passes During A King’s Tide!

Yesterday Hurricane Hector passed South of the Hawaiian Islands. So even though it was still raining with high winds i decided to go out to target some Trevally & Bonefish. For the past few weeks certain areas like harbors & bays have had unusual surges of Hammerhead pups. Seems these youngsters have been chasing away the more desirable targeted food species. Also it’s a day before the unusual New Moon where the tides are in extreme flux- The King’s Tide.

I decided to use my casting reel i practice with, Abu Garcia’s Blue Yonder 7000. I recently been casting +350ft with a 6oz lead bank. Line used is 370yd of 50lb Jerry Brown braid. For those that keep asking me how it feels, it’s more then a Penn 3/0, roughly the feel of a light-weight Penn Jigmaster. Even with a damaged right wrist it’s still my easiest conventional casting reel.

My first hit was at sunrise in the pouring rain. My rod doubled over 2x and the strike was huge. But the fish only bit down on the bait and missed the hook. Had 3 more strikes but each hit diminished in strength & intensity. Then by noon to 3pm- nothing. Afterwards i had multiple smaller hits which all turned out to be young Hammerhead Sharks. Amazingly the Blue Yonder overpowered everything and was able to hoist them on shore without problems.

The rod used was a 13’3″ Daiwa Ballistic. This rod is multi-spined meaning you can use conventionals or spinners. Instead of casting practice i decided to use this reel more in the field after today. Casts smooth & is light weight with a very loud clicker. Time will tell on the hoisting power.

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