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Fishing Forum Okuma Hawaiian Custom Menpachi Rod For 2018!

Hawaiian Custom Rods For 2018!

This year at ICAST Okuma unveiled the new revised Hawaiian Custom Menpachi Rod. Menpachi is a local Hawaiian name for Soldierfish that comes out to feed at night. There are 3 sizes available,

10’7″ 10 guides + tip 2pc 50/50 split 1/2-2oz
12′ 11 guides + tip 2pc 50/50 split 1/2-2oz
13′ 12 guides + tip 2pc 50/50 split 1/2-2oz

I like the split butt design. Reduces weight & improves balance. The black foam TPE is sandwiched by cork on fore & rear grips. Has 3K woven material for strength & design. Made of 24 ton graphite. Guides are Alps#316 marine grade SS & has zirconium inserts for braid & light monofilament line. Easy transportation with the 50/50 split.

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