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 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

Fishing Forum Why I Hate Fishing On Weekends & Holidays!

Everything Shown Happen TODAY So I Left Early:(

I hate fishing on weekends and Holidays. Why? Weekend warriors who haven’t a clue how to use their aquatic equipment correctly or how to show basic courtesy & common sense. Just 2 days ago in the same area 2 idiots ran over my lines while on a black jet ski running the coast only 50ft from shore. .

Today was a State holiday STATEHOOD DAY. I normally won’t fish on a holiday but that fact didn’t dawn on me until i heard it on the radio. So today i couldn’t enjoy the day, i had to be weary of water users who think that everyone else has to look out for them. Sad but true. On a average weekday i rarely see another person, especially now that school is back on.

So for those of you who just don’t give a darn, remember that you’re NOT the only one out there enjoying your selfs. My main concern was the 3 kids. No parents around. No bright colored dive float or flag to alert other ocean users that their not alone. This mandatory State law is for everyone’s safety. People have died from boats & jet skis running them over to surfers causing serious injury. It’s like taking your kids moose hunting wearing antlers but no orange clothing. Think about it.

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