Never Fear The Walking Dead Again With These Badass Weapons

Never Fear The Walking Dead Again With These Badass Weapons

One of my favorite shows, AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead is finally coming back on air August 12, 2018 and it’s got me thinking…

If we were really to get hit with a walker-type disaster, sure. Load up on guns, bullets, and supplies (and ideally you have these stored in advance like I do). But you also want to be prepared with weapons that don’t require ammo. Inspired by Fear the Walking Dead, here’s my list of the essential weapons to have in your arsenal just in case we ever get hit with a crazy epidemic that turns dead humans into walkers.

When we think about fearing the walking dead, the one vision that seems to populate our minds is a walker staggering towards us with outreaching arms. No matter how slow the walker approaches, they always tend to reach their target (eventually). For many, the thought of an epidemic apocalypse is better reserved for the TV show as opposed to a real-life occurrence. Even some of our own friends would ridicule us if we were to give them any inclination that the walking dead is something that we fear, not just on a TV series, but deep down in our gut.

If you are like me, you pay attention to events that are happening all over the world. Chemical and biological attacks are becoming more prone in various areas throughout the world. Most of this information tends to get buried by the mainstream media, but if you do your own research, the information is quite easily accessed. However, we do not even need to look to some third world country for these atrocities… Our own military is more than capable of releasing viruses that will make us, fear the walking dead!

In order to prepare for any type of mass epidemic, I want to share with you a few weapons that, when wielded correctly, will never have you fear the walking dead again. Let’s get started.

8 Essential Zombie Attack Weapons

1. The Ninjato Sword

Ninjato Sword | Never Fear The Walking Dead Again With These Badass Weapons

Ninjato swords a shorter than Katanas (Michonne’s weapon of choice), but will get the job done. When it comes to dealing with the walking dead, the only surefire way to de-escalate the threat it to destroy their brains. The Ninjato is a sword that has been used by Shinobi for centuries. It is also the preferred weapon for modern day ninjutsu practitioners. The Ninjato resembles a Katana in size and length. It is a short sword which makes it ideal to carry around in various environments. It is also extremely sharp which is what we want when it comes time to lop off the head of an undead attacker.

Siwode The Walking Dead Michonne's Katana Sword, T10 Clay_tempered, 40-Inchs
Siwode The Walking Dead Michonne’s Katana Sword, T10 Clay_tempered, 40-Inchs

  • It is the most cost-effective katana, and has more than 30 million fans in the United States.
  • The warranty period for this product is 2 years, and customer service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The blade is made by T10 steel, hand-forged, and burned with soil.Real white ray skin, Bamboo nails,no bo-hi (blood groove).brown PU leather strap,does not have the zombie biohazard symbol.If you like the walking dead katana have the zombie biohazard symbol,please click here(

You do not need to have ninja-like skills to be able to utilize the Ninjato. If you have swung a baseball bat with either one or two hands and have relatively good aim, decapitating one of the walking dead can be achieved in short order.

2. A Tactical Pen

Tacpen | Never Fear The Walking Dead Again With These Badass Weapons

You may be in an area where previously, no zombie attacks have occurred. There is also the issue of gun and blade free zones. Having a trusty tactical pen built from aircraft grade aluminum may be your only option in an unforeseen battle with a zombie. Tactical pens are easily wielded by utilizing a reverse or hammer-fist grip. The tips on these tactical pens are made from tungsten. When a blow is rendered to the cranium of one of the walking dead, it will easily crush the skull and penetrate deeply into the skull scrambling the brains.

If the skull is not a viable target at the time, shoving the tungsten tip of the tactical pen into one of the eye sockets, will certainly do the trick lobotomizing your zombie attacker.

3. A Shovel Or Entrenching Tool

Entrenching Tool or Shovel | Never Fear The Walking Dead Again With These Badass Weapons

In the United States Marines, we were issued shovels or entrenching-tools (e-tools) as part of our kits. Not only were these shovels great for digging holes but they also were a viable tool when it came to self-defense. We trained with these shovels and became quite proficient with them. Many of us even sharpened the edges of our shovels in order to make them a more formidable weapon, this no doubt would help against zombie heads.

A quick search on Amazon and you will come across a whole new line of e-tools that would make any zombie killer proud. The edges are designed for slashing and the tips of these shovels can easily penetrate a neck or skull. The e-tool can be staged in your vehicle or conveniently carried in your rucksack. The fact that to the common eye, it is just a shovel… makes it a weapon that easily flies under the radar.

4. A 12 Gauge Shotgun With A Bayonet Attached

12 Gauge Shotgun With A Bayonet | Never Fear The Walking Dead Again With These Badass Weapons

A shotgun with a bayonet mount is a no-brainer (pun intended) when it comes to an ideal weapon to battle the walking dead. With the right slugs, you can easily take the head off of a zombie while maintaining a safe distance. When you couple the shotgun with an M9 bayonet, you add a bit of redundancy to your killing ability. If you run out of ammunition and/ or just have issues with your sight picture and sight alignment, you can always slash or stab causing the correct deadly force needed for the situation at hand.

Keep in mind that having a good bayonet, such as an M9, is a formidable weapon on its own. Stage it on your belt and be at the ready for whenever a zombie comes a’ callin’.

5. A Tactical Flashlight

Tactical Flashlight | Never Fear The Walking Dead Again With These Badass Weapons

Thinking along the same lines as a tactical pen, the tactical flashlight is ideal for those situations where more formidable weapons are just not an option. These flashlights are also built from aircraft grade aluminum and feature a beveled end that we commonly refer to as a skull crusher. Deploying a simple hammer fist motion with the tactical flashlight can easily split a zombie skull like a coconut. The brains will be exposed to smash away and your mission will be accomplished.

6. An Aluminum Baseball Bat

Aluminum Baseball Bat | Never Fear The Walking Dead Again With These Badass Weapons

Playing baseball is somewhat of an American pastime. Many of us get exposed to the game of baseball at an early age. Being able to Swing Away and to try and Hit It Out Of The Park are ideal attributes that come in handy when it comes time to bludgeon an undead attacker. A good swing of the bat to the cranium will cause blunt force trauma. The zombie’s head will be crushed like a watermelon removing any threat as well as fear.

A baseball bat is also a formidable weapon because of its ability to simply be a baseball bat that is staged in your vehicle or pack. My only advice would be to also include a baseball and a glove… Your lawyer will thank you for it, zombies will still hate you.

7. A Molotov Cocktail

Molotov Cocktail | Never Fear The Walking Dead Again With These Badass Weapons

Since the walking dead are not winning any awards for their speed, anytime soon, a good way to diffuse their threat is to set them on fire. You won’t split their skulls but you will certainly cook the hell out of their brains. A Molotov cocktail is an improvised incendiary device that is used for igniting. This is a great option when the battle is clearly defined. You want to ignite the zombie, not your valuables or family members. You also want to make sure that they are at a distance when you deploy the Molotov cocktail. You do not want them in a close enough range where they can get ahold of you causing you both to go up in flames.

8. A Hatchet Or Ax

Hatchet or Ax | Never Fear The Walking Dead Again With These Badass Weapons

Having a sharp ax or hatchet as part of your gear list can help to combat any would-be zombie that is trying to eat your brain. An ax can be used to deliver blunt force and it could also be wielded to chop. Either option, when deployed to the head, will get you the result that you want; a dead zombie that used to be able to walk.

Just like other weapons in this article, the ax can be deployed with just one hand. This will allow you to use your empty hand for other tasks. It is also feasible to double up on axes (one in each hand) or add a different weapon of choice as part of your offense. One weapon is good but 2 are great!

After you are done making minced meat out of the zombie attacker, you can always use the ax to cut wood as well as many other preparedness tasks. Multi-purpose applications are ideal in any well-designed preparedness plan.

In Closing

There are many other weapons that will keep the walking dead from having you join their ranks. The one main focal point that I want you to keep in mind is preparedness. Having the weapons at your disposal is only part of the equation. Perfect practice with these tools is what will give you the confidence to remove fear and accomplish the task at hand.

Whatever you choose to bring to battle, make sure that you are well versed with that tool. They may be walking while they are dead but you are the one with the functioning brain. As the old adage states… Use It Or Lose It! In this case, truer words may never have been spoken.

Fear the Walking Dead returns Sunday 9/8c on AMC.

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Brutal and Beastly: 13 BADASS Bug Out Vehicles!

Brutal and Beastly: 13 BADASS Bug Out Vehicles!

A lot of preppers daydream about having the ultimate bug out vehicle. It becomes a hobby for some. For those with plenty of money, it becomes a “Toys for the Big Boys” kind of thing. For those on a budget, you can still prep your vehicle for when SHTF. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of bug out vehicles out there rolling the streets right now, they just don’t look like one. The end goal of the bug out vehicle is to quickly and safely get you and your family where you need to go in an emergency situation. Almost any vehicle can become a survivalist vehicle with the right preparation. Still, it’s nice to dream about having the ultimate badass bug out vehicle. Here are a few of our favorites for inspiration.

The Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle Come Doomsday


1. The Tactical Armored Beast

 The Tactical Armored Beast | Brutal and Beastly: BADASS Bug Out Vehicles

This 4×4 fully armored vehicle weighing at a whopping 20,000 lbs with a 6.7 L V8 Diesel engine that roars 300HP and 600 lbs-ft of torque. It has a 6-speed auto tranny and a 40-gallon tank.

FREE Survival Tool Offer

FREE Survival Tool Offer

2. The Hyundai Zombie Survival Car

The Hyundai Zombie Survival Car | Brutal and Beastly: BADASS Bug Out Vehicles

Features a zombie plow with massive spikes, spiked all-terrain tires, and armored windows just to name a few. It’s amazing how Hyundai was able to come up with an anti-zombie ride by transforming an Elantra Coupe.

3. Paramount Group Marauder

Paramount Group Marauder | Brutal and Beastly: BADASS Bug Out Vehicles

Fully armored and can withstand TNT explosions. It has long range fuel tanks and can even run on a flat tire. It can reach up to 120 KPH despite its heavy weight. With a fording depth of half the vehicle, it can practically swim.

4. M1126 Stryker Combat Vehicle

M1126 Stryker Combat Vehicle | Brutal and Beastly: BADASS Bug Out Vehicles

This eight-wheeled armored vehicle weighs about 19 tons. It has a central tire inflation system and has room for 9 people, plus a crew of two. It can mount either an MK-19 or a .50 caliber machine gun and has a 40mm grenade launcher.

5. Mike Penhall’s 1986 4Runner

Mike Penhall's 1986 4Runner | Brutal and Beastly: BADASS Bug Out Vehicles

If budget is an issue for you and you would still want to make your own bug out vehicle, this is the one for you! Start from the basic vehicle and work your way up with upgrades as you go.

6. The Survivor Truck Bug Out Vehicle

The Survivor Truck Bug Out Vehicle | Brutal and Beastly: BADASS Bug Out Vehicles

It’s a Chevrolet C70 upgraded into a bug out vehicle and weighs about 13 tons. Its storage capacity for food, water, clothing, and gear can last weeks (even months!) when need be.

7. Gurkha Armored Tactical Vehicle

Gurkha Armored Tactical Vehicle | Brutal and Beastly: BADASS Bug Out Vehicles

This badass vehicle can be made available for civilians. It uses the Ford F-550 chassis, 6.7L Powerstroke diesel which can give up to 300ho and 660 pounds-feet of torque. It’s a 4×4 which uses automatic transmission and is installed with disc brakes.

8. The Silverado Black Ops

The Silverado Black Ops | Brutal and Beastly: BADASS Bug Out Vehicles

This vehicle is like a survival kit on wheels. Made by Chevrolet, this badass bug out vehicle setup can be fitted with any ready-made accessories to fit the need of every Prepper.

9. The Mobile Assault Bunker Level 1

The Mobile Assault Bunker Level 1 | Brutal and Beastly: BADASS Bug Out Vehicles

This badass truck is called MAB1 for short. Has ¼” bulletproof AR500 steel to armor plating, bulletproof windows, a fuel mileage of 8 to 10 MPG, 10 feet tall, 8 feet wide, 25 feet long and weighs 24,000 lbs. It even has a bulletproof 220-gallon diesel fuel tank.

10. The M117 Armored Security Vehicle

The M117 Armored Security Vehicle | Brutal and Beastly: BADASS Bug Out Vehicles

This is just one of the many used military vehicles for sale. Purchasing a used military vehicle will require very little upgrades since it may already be armored plated and have bulletproof windows. Not to mention a lot of other weapons that you can mount on these things.

11. Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6×6 Custom

Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6x6 Custom | Brutal and Beastly: BADASS Bug Out Vehicles

Originally made for the military, this truck features a 7.2-liter turbo diesel engine boasting of 326 hp. It is a six-wheel drive with three locking differentials. This custom bug out vehicle even has a satellite dish and a flatscreen.

12. EarthRoamer XV-LT

EarthRoamer XV-LT | Brutal and Beastly: BADASS Bug Out Vehicles

This is a totally badass bug out vehicle with lots of comforts. It took the 2008 Silver Ford F550 and modified it with the latest technological features to date. It can carry 90 gallons of fuel, 85 gallons of fresh water and has 510 watts solar panels.

13. Buffalo MPCV

Buffalo MPCV | Brutal and Beastly: BADASS Bug Out Vehicles

This badass truck has a 440 HP CAT C13 12.5L engine and can go up to 55MPH. With a fuel tank that can store up to 85 gallons, it can travel up to 300 miles.


Check out this video of the Mercedes Benz Zetros by auto imagen:

Just look at these state of the art bug out rides. Zombies won’t have a chance to get their hands on you once you’re inside. With these Badass Bug Out Vehicles, the post-apocalyptic world doesn’t stand a chance against you! So make a choice right now in case of SHTF the next day.

Do you think these bug out vehicles is enough to keep you safe if SHTF? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in August 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

Check out Brutal and Beastly: 13 BADASS Bug Out Vehicles! at

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Make This Badass DIY Flamethrower From Sh*t In Your Garage!

Make This Badass DIY Flamethrower From Sh*t In Your Garage!

This particular handmade flamethrower is crafted to fit in a normal backpack, which keeps your hands and arms free to throw flames while you use it!

With an air compressor, a diesel nozzle, a fuel tank, some hose, and some fittings, you’ll have a flamethrower capable of running off of tiki torch fuel.

Here we have the step by step instructions, but you can find the full video instructions at the bottom of this post.

Watch until the end for an awesome demo!

FREE Survival Tool Offer

FREE Survival Tool Offer

For more homemade weapons, check out our list of 7 Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home, here!

DIY Backpack Flamethrower Tutorial

Step One: Air Compressor

Start with an air compressor. You’ll want to remove the regulator, and fill in the space left behind with a brass plug.


Step Two: Tap Hole

Tap a hole in the bottom of the compressor to add fittings.


Step Three: Set Fitting

Your fittings should look like this with the correct valves.


Step Four: Run Hose From Valve

Run a hose from the valve and fit the end with an internal check valve.


Step Five: Connect Valve to Diesel

Connect the internal check valve to a diesel nozzle.


Step Six: Remove Spout and Add Pipe For Fuel

Remove the spout and add a pipe running down to a tip and hose as pictured. The tip and hose will run the fuel for your flame.


Step Seven: Tap Hose To Tank

Run a hose with a nozzle to a fuel tank tapped with a valve and fitting like this. Fill up your tank with tiki torch fuel! Add valve along the hose to better regulate your fuel.


Step Eight: Adjust and Test

Spark up and start throwing flames! You can adjust with the nozzles on the hose. The whole rigging will fit neatly into a backpack.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 5.13.05 PM.fw

Watch This DIY Flamethrower Video

Shout out to Flamethrower Rob on YouTube for the awesome tutorial!

Want to make more badass tools? Check out these related articles on our site:

How to Make a DIY Primitive Burn Bowl

How To Make A DIY Saw Blade Slinger

How To Make A DIY Death Ray

Check out How To Make A DIY Flamethrower at

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Is Your Man Cave Badass Enough?

Is Your Man Cave Badass Enough?

Every guy needs a man cave to unwind, breathe, and forget the outside world for a bit. Even preppers need some time away from planning, packing, and prepping. Whether you just need a breather from the ol’ ball and chain or a break from killing zombies, a bunker with a solid man cave can do wonders for your relaxation. Tuck yourself away with these badass man cave ideas and start building it.

Is Your Man Cave Badass Enough?


1. DIY Toilet Paper Holder That Everyone’s Talking About

DIY Toilet Paper Holder That Everyone's Talking About | Is Your Man Cave Badass Enough?
The toilet paper crate that blew up Facebook by funkyjunkinteriors

Probably the most straightforward man project you’ll ever complete. We know how much dudes love their cars, and this is for sure the best way to honor your pride and joy. All you need is your old rusty license plate and some wood and you’re good to go! Just glue some slabs of wood together. BOOM! Instant TP holder (and you’ll impress the ladies). Find out more about this project here.

2. DIY Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser

FREE Survival Tool Offer

FREE Survival Tool Offer

Don’t just toss that old bottle of Jack away. It can still be useful. Check out this awesome soap dispenser fashioned from an old Jack Daniels bottle. The best part? Well, you get to drink the whiskey first, duh. Find out more about this project here.

3. Hooks Made from Wrenches

Hooks Made from Wrenches | Is Your Man Cave Badass Enough?
3 Wrench Hook Set by etsy

Aren’t these rad? It’s pretty awesome that you don’t need anything other than your superhuman strength, a screwdriver, and an old wrench to throw these puppies up in your man cave. You can bet the dudes will be jealous. Get a set of Craftsman wrench set to get started.

4. DIY Cutting Board

DIY Cutting Board | Is Your Man Cave Badass Enough?
Make an Easy DIY Wood Slice Serving Board by manmadediy

This is one fascinating and easy to do log project. Check out this awesome DIY cutting board along with the step-by-step tutorial on how it’s made here. Adds a handsome, rustic touch to any man cave.

5. Make a Wood Pallet Coffee Table

Make a Wood Pallet Coffee Table | Is Your Man Cave Badass Enough?
DIY Pallet Coffee Table by themerrythought

Have you ever made anything out of pallet wood? This classic wood has been used for hundreds of repurposed projects. Check out how to make your own pallet table by reading this awesome post on cool pallet projects here.

6. Book Shelf Made out of Pipe Clamps

Book Shelf Made out of Pipe Clamps | Is Your Man Cave Badass Enough?
DIY Pipe Shelving by diyesq

Did you know that building shelves out of plumbers pipe is actually really easy? This is one of the most cost-effective DIY shelving units you can make. Best of all, everything you need you can find right at your neighborhood Home Depot. Now, all your stuff is already part of your awesome man cave. If you need some more items to display, you can always check out the net for man cave stuff for sale. Check out the detailed tutorial here.

7. A Beer Barrel Bed

A Beer Barrel Bed | Is Your Man Cave Badass Enough?
Bed In Germany Made From Old Beer Barrel by huffingtonpost

Yep… it’s real. A giant bed made out of a giant beer barrel. You thought nursery rhymes weren’t real. Guess again. This barrel bed is pretty damn cool if you ask us. You might be wondering, “How did they fit that thing through the door?” Find out more details about this one of a kind bed here.

8. A Sink…That Is Also a Tire

A Sink...That Is Also a Tire | Is Your Man Cave Badass Enough?
Make the wash basin out of tire by S2K Project

This is just pretty freakin’ rugged. Impress your lady and your buddies with this awe-inspiring project. Check out the full tutorial here.

9. Beer Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher

Beer Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher | Is Your Man Cave Badass Enough?
Beer Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher by etsy

What makes a beer bottle opener worth using? Not having to bend over when the sucker flies off into oblivion. Streamline the bottle opening process (so you can drink faster!) by snatching one of these sick gadgets. Find out more about this cool stuff here.

10. Man Cave Barbecue Made out of a Car

Man Cave Barbecue Made out of a Car | Is Your Man Cave Badass Enough?
Cool Man Cave Ideas To Try This Week by diyprojects

Barbecue and cold beer is ALWAYS a good idea. And to make it even better, you can turn your old car into a barbecue grill. Make sure to remove the engine before trying this at home, kids.

11. Create a Tiled Floor Using Pennies

Create a Tiled Floor Using Pennies | Is Your Man Cave Badass Enough?
Penny Tile Floor by homeli

Now you can make the most the most non-expensive floor you’ve ever walked on. Seriously, it will probably cost you… uh, pennies. Check out more details about this eye-catching project here.

12. DIY Bar Made out of Shipping Pallets

DIY Bar Made out of Shipping Pallets | Is Your Man Cave Badass Enough?
Bar Made from Pallets by palletfurniturediy

Impress your friends with this stunning, rustic bar. All you need is some old wood, a little bit of ingenuity and carpentry skills. Find out more details about this marvelous project here.

13. Make a Vintage Ice Chest from Wood Pallets

Make a Vintage Ice Chest from Wood Pallets | Is Your Man Cave Badass Enough?
Vintage Ice Chest from Wood Pallets by instructables

Make a pretty awesome vintage ice chest out of free wooden pallets. What’s better than free? Talk about cooler envy. Check out the step by step instructions here.

Looking for budget-friendly tips on how to build your own man cave? Watch this video by Next Luxury:

Having your own space is crucial to your well-being. It gives us men a certain sense of freedom. A man cave lets us get away from the stress life brings in the comfort of our own home. A man cave is a place for you to unwind, relax, reflect and be yourself again. Be it a garage, an attic or a basement, you need that spot for yourself. We all need that space to have the freedom and peace of mind to stay sane in an insane world.

What’s your idea of a great man cave? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Featured Image Via homedit

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on May 31, 2014, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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7 REALLY Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home

7 REALLY Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home

Homemade weapons are actually pretty badass and they come in handy when you have no weapons left in your arsenal. Improvised weapons are great against an intruder or attacker. But if the situation really calls for it though, these homemade weapons would be handy. Homemade but badass weapons are great non-firearm weapons when you need to improvise. Check out the updated list below to see the top 14 picks of homemade weapons!

14 Badass Homemade Weapons To Add To Your Arsenal


1. PVC Pipe Compound Bow

Get all raw and basic with your skills by making your own compound bow. Bows and arrows are badass weapons but they can be pretty expensive. But this DIY project does not put a strain on your wallet as it can be made from inexpensive, readily available materials.

2. Homemade Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays are for everyone because it is convenient to carry and can protect you when SHTF. Just spray it in the face of the attacker and escape the situation instantly to call for backup or help. These homemade self-defense weapons are easy to make. This pepper spray may become one of your personal favorites, check it out here.

FREE Survival Tool Offer

FREE Survival Tool Offer

3. Multifunction Pocket Tool

If you’re looking for very convenient homemade weapons then you need these bad boys. Other than being weapons, multifunction pocket tools also help you with your everyday tasks. They’re the perfect life hacks! You can easily make and customize these DIY pocket tools to fit your specific need.

4. Pump Action Rocket Gun


Looking for homemade guns or improvised firearms? This inexpensive rocket gun is a fun project and a cool item to have around. The DIY is very simple and relatively cheap as well. The entire project, including a bunch of ammo, could easily be made for around $20.

5. Homemade Taser Gun

Hand-to-hand combat and a pepper spray aren’t the only survival options against an attacker. When talking about self-defense, some people tend to purchase a taser gun or a stun gun. That’s what most people think of buying when they want to have some protection or weapon they can easily use in an emergency situation. But instead of buying a taser gun, you can also make your own.

6. Primitive Club Tool

If stuck in the wilderness with limited resources, knowing how to make this tool could come in handy for your survival. This simple technique will quickly transform a few items into a very useful weapon and bring out the Ragnar Benson inside you!

7. Homemade Bolt Action 12 Gauge

This homemade bolt action 12 gauge is one of the best homemade weapons you’ll come across. You can just imagine the power this awesome weaponry is packing. Although you can’t take it anywhere, this weapon is very reliable and can protect you from attackers or home intruders especially when SHTF. Homemade firearms like this air rifle does not need to be registered and never runs out of ammo.

8. War Hammer

Other war hammer designs may be a bit more difficult to make because they require you to weld, drill, and file. This is one of the easier homemade weapons, and you need nothing more than a black pipe. It’s a simple design, and the name says it all. Don’t underestimate the power of the war hammer!

9. Saw Blade Tomahawk

As you can probably tell already, this is one unique homemade weapon. The name leaves little to the imagination when it comes to what this thing is made to do. Almost completely made with a couple pieces of wood, this saw blade Tomahawk is inexpensive to make if you have the right equipment.

10. Flamethrower

This particular flamethrower is made to fit in a normal backpack. With an air compressor, a diesel nozzle, a fuel tank, hose, and some fittings, you’ll have a flamethrower! What’s more awesome about this homemade flamethrower is it can run on tiki torch fuel. You can buy one from Amazon.

11. Trebuchet


This classic weapon is brought to another level with this DIY project. This giant trebuchet has an equally giant amount of power, making it capable of catapulting things with immense force. Since this project is pretty big, you can invite your buddies over to help you make an awesome trebuchet.

12. Homemade Landmine

You can actually make an airsoft landmine by using airsoft pellets. But since you’re making a landmine, be very, very careful. You might be making this one for fun but things can go badly for you and other people if you’re not careful enough.

13. Death Ray

Have an old television around? You can turn it into something way cooler than it’s former, dated identity with a few steps. With some simple disassembling, you can have 2000 degrees of heat to use for cooking, water sanitation, or just to burn things. You can actually use the screen of an old TV to make a death ray!

14. Pipe Gun

This is another one of the classic homemade weapons. Using a few items from your garage, you can make your own pipe gun. But remember it takes risk to make one, so please be careful. Don’t mindlessly test this pipe gun by shooting someone or something as it can potentially hurt you and other people.

14 Homemade Weapons That Are REALLY Badass [2nd Edition] | Survival Life


Watch this video from Be Amazed for more homemade weapons!

You don’t always need firearms to feel safe. These homemade weapons are fine for home protection but you have to be extra careful in making these—especially when you are testing them. You can also use these homemade weapons for your outdoor survival trips. Remember these weapons are still dangerous even if they are homemade.

Do you know how to make homemade weapons? Tell us what you know by writing a comment below!

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If you’re looking for useful survival gear you can’t make at home, check out the Survival Life Store!

Check out Fire Survival Tips | Know What To Do When SHTF at

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on March 19, 2017 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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25 Badass Camping Hacks For Your Next Trip

25 Badass Camping Hacks For Your Next Trip

Are you looking for the best DIY camping hacks for your upcoming trip? Most survivalists live by the motto, do more with less, but it doesn’t stop at your emergency preparedness plans. It’s something you can take with you across all aspects of your life, especially for your next camping trip. So on that note, here are some awesome camping ideas to impress your friends and family and make your trip a lot easier!

Camping Hacks For A More Awesome Outdoor Experience

What better way to experience camping than with these DIY camping tricks that are borderline genius. Of course, the traditional Boy Scout survival skills are always welcome, but it’s also refreshing to think out of the box sometimes. Check out these camping hacks we have pulled from our previous posts (plus some new ones!) Just remember, the great outdoors does not solely belong to you. The plants and animals have as much right to it as you do. Let’s share and enjoy nature together.

1. Craft a “Drinkable Lantern”

This DIY drinkable lantern is one cool camping stuff. You can easily make an ambient lamp out of a milk jug. All you need to do is fill the milk jug with potable water and point a headlamp in it. It will create a soft light that is perfect for reading and writing inside the tent.

2. Camping Lantern

In today’s culture, if we need something, we buy it. Fortunately, improvisational skills can be learned and thanks to the vastness of today’s resources, it’s never been easier. Books on the topic of Survival abound, but the real boon lies on the World Wide Web. A Google search for “survival tactics” yields 10,600,000 results! The following improvised lantern how-to was actually passed on to me by a friend some years ago. Read more about this project here.

FREE Survival Tool Offer

FREE Survival Tool Offer

Here is my recommendation for a camping trip lantern to have handy.

3. Silicone Drinking Cups

Plastic cups are not environment-friendly and they don’t really sit well with long travels because they get crushed by other camping gear. These break-proof cups are perfect for your camping trip as they are easy to use, wash, and transport. Get your cups here.

4. Soap Pouch

Make this out of a washcloth and a bar of soap for convenient campsite scrubbing. Who said you need to be filthy all throughout the camping trip? Click here to learn more about how to make your own soap pouch.

5. Cowboy Bed Roll

The basic idea of a cowboy roll is a sleeping pad and a sleeping bag all rolled up in a big piece of canvas. This makes sleeping on the ground, under the stars comfortable, warm, and weather resistant. The canvas is a waxed canvas that is not waterproof, but if dew falls at night, you will not get soaked. So the canvas should be a little more than twice as wide as your sleeping pad and a little more than twice as long. For more info about bedrolls, read more about them here.

6. Outdoor Toiletry Kit

Too often situations occur when a properly packed outdoor toiletry kit is truly needed. These times mostly happen when we’re outdoors, far away from the comfort of home or during desperate scenarios commonly labeled as emergencies. In short, everybody knows the uncomfortable and vulnerable feeling of having to use an unfamiliar latrine or simply having to go outside. Fortunately, though, there is a way to beat such a terrible dilemma by keeping properly prepared outdoor toiletry kits in the car, at home, and even with various outdoor gear in case such an emergency arises. Learn more about making your own kit here.

7. Tin Can Grill

Make your own grill out of a tin can. You don’t need to bring a large grille to make your favorite campfire food. Learn how to make this awesome tin can griller.

8. Natural Insect Repellant

Sometimes, commercial mosquito and bug repellents are not enough. There are just those bugs that are too stubborn. Get Mother Nature to help you and throw a bundle of sage in the fire to keep away those annoying bugs. Find out more about these bug-repelling plants right here.

9. Egg Carton Firestarter

This is a fun little project for a rainy or cold day, any day. You just need a paper egg carton, wax and dryer lint. Takes an hour from start to finish to make them and only about 10 minutes of your time. (Your wax will be cooling most of this time) Making fire starters is pretty cool and I needed some motivation to get my laundry done, anyway. Two birds, one stone. These light amazingly well. I never knew dryer lint would do that! Be sure to check out my burn test at the end of this post. Read more about this project right here.

10. Frozen Water Jugs for Your Cooler

Do you find it difficult to keep your food and water cool all throughout the trip? Use frozen water jugs for longer lasting cold in your cooler. Get more info about this cool trick right here.

11. Foam Floor Tiles

Sleeping bags can only do so much to provide us with a comfortable sleeping experience outdoors. But when you’re faced with rocky terrain, your sleeping bag will be as comfortable as a bag of rocks. Don’t sleep on the hard, uncomfortable ground! Put down some of these cheap and easy tiles for ultimate camping comfort. Know more about what else you need to bring for your sleeping needs in this article.

12. Solar Charger

You can create this one on your own or buy one like it off the internet! If you’re interested in the homemade version, find the full instructions, click here.


Badass Camping Hacks For Your Next Trip
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13. DIY Toilet Paper Dispenser

The call of nature is too difficult to resist, so if you need to go, it’s best to be prepared. Keep your TP clean and rolled up with this easy DIY. Find out how you can transform your Folgers can into a TP container right here.

14. Cook with Foil

One of the biggest challenges when planning your camping meals is keeping food cold in advance. A great way to plan for this is to eat the food that needs to be kept cold first. Plan a meat-based dinner for the first night and then try to use canned or dry goods for the next day. Try to think outside the box when it comes to refrigerated foods. For more info on how to cook with foil, click here.

15. Know Which Plants to Avoid

Poisonous plants are everywhere. They’re in the woods, the forests and the mountains. In fact, some of them may even be in your garden. This makes bugging out look like a dangerous proposition when the SHTF. However, these plants would not cause harm if you did not eat or touch them. As you read our guide, you will realize how simple and easy it is to avoid these poisonous plants. Just stick to your regular food and avoid the bitter stuff. Avoid eating seeds and flowers. More info about these poisonous plants can be viewed right here.

16. Make Matches Waterproof

Whether you are getting ready for a weekend camping trip, a natural disaster, or the end of the world, you are going to need something to start a fire with. A firestarter is possibly the most important item you should have in your backpack or bug out bag. Learn more about how to make your own waterproof matches.

17. A Bathtub in the Wild

If you’re camping in or near a sand-river, dig yourself a nice pit and line it with a groundsheet — and voila, you have a makeshift bathtub. Heat some water on your campfire and pour yourself a whiskey as you fill the tub. Recline under the stars for the ultimate Al fresco soak and watch as the night unfolds around you. Know more about bathing in safety in this article.

18. Don’t Forget Your Knots

As any Boy Scout knows, knots aren’t a one-type-fits-all deal. Learn a few and it’ll make your camping (and your life) easier. From fishing to first aid, these knots can go a long way to make or break any camping experience. Learn more about the different knots in this article.

19. Stay Organized

You’re dealing with a ton of crap when you’re camping: millions of little things, gloves everywhere, socks lying around, a penknife, you have your boots lying somewhere. It’s really easy to lose stuff. Having a really well thought-out system for where you put stuff once you’re inside the tent means you don’t risk losing things. Learn how to organize your camping gear in this article.

20. Beer/Soda Can Popcorn

Popcorn in a Beer Can. Pour some popcorn kernels into an empty beer can (about ¼ of the way full), add some popcorn oil, and place the can on the edge of the fire. Allow the kernels to do their thing until the pops slow down to more than a couple seconds apart. Cut the can in half and enjoy! Read more about this awesome trick right here.

21. Prioritize Your Sleeping Comfort

Your choice of shelter is up for debate, be it a big tent, small tent, hammock or tarp. But don’t you dare skimp on an A-list sleeping bag and sleeping pad. They are the two most important deciders of your comfort when in the wilderness. Click here to know more about sleeping outdoors.

22. Practice Fire Safety with the Kids

Firepits get hot to the touch almost instantly. Use rocks to surround the firepit. It makes the pit look great (style points!) and creates a bit of distance between kids and the flame. Explain the process of fire building to your kids so they understand what you’re doing and how it all works. Giving them an activity like collecting tinder can make them feel included. Establish a “one poker” rule. Kids will want to poke the fire but it can be avoided when the poker is in the hands of an adult. Consider what your children are wearing. Some synthetic garments can be dangerous when exposed to an open flame. Read more about fire safety here.

23. Easy-to-Spot Bear Bag

I take a reflective cord for my bear bag. It lights up when your headlamp hits it and makes it easy to find at night or for an early morning departure. Tie your aluminum cup up with your bear bag near the clip so if something tries to get at it, you will hear it. See more examples of bear bags here.

24. Campfire Pizza

Surprise your family with pizza on your camping trip! Using pre-made pizza crust from a tube makes it a snap to prepare. Remember, any type of pizza you can make at home, you can make in a Dutch Oven! You can make your pizza over this camp stove kit. Learn how to make this delicious pizza here!

25. Duct Tape Around Your Lighter

Duct tape can be a lifesaver. But carrying an entire roll takes up valuable space inside a backpack—and you probably won’t need much tape. Wrap a couple feet around a Bic lighter, so you always have a short supply inside your pocket. Read more about it here.

26. Prepare Food at Home

Because I’ve grown somewhat tired of freeze-dried fare, these days I often cook something I like at home, something in the one-pot category, and freeze it in plastic, let it thaw in my pack, and warm it up over the old MSR XGK set on low heat. Get more recipes here.


Watch this video and check out the 26 most ingenious camping hacks ever!

Camping doesn’t need to be a stressful or expensive experience for you and for the whole family. With these camping hacks, you’ll be able to cut down on costs and maximize whatever gear, equipment, or food for the entire camping trip. But 26 is just the tip of the iceberg. You can come up with your own ingenious camping hacks. All have you have to do is let your creative juice flow.

Camping Haacks | 26 Badass Camping Hacks For Your Next Trip

Do you have other camping hacks in mind? Let us know in the comment section below!

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