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 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

Fishing Forum Spin & Bait Casting My NEW Okuma Rigs!

Blessing My NEW Spin & Bait Casting Okuma Rigs!

Today was the first day i field tested my new gear. The choice in lines & strengths to the pairings looked & feels good. And my new new rigs were blessed by hook-ups though small. So the monkey fell off the back early!

On the spin casting rig i started with grubs which attracted 1 barracuda (C&R’d) & 1 hit that cut the line. So i switch to casting baits which caught a small Bluefin Trevally Jack. First one there in a month. These past months baby Hammerheads were all over & i felt they chased out the Bonefish & Jacks. Most days i only caught Hammerheads. It was nice not catching HH, they must be getting bigger & moving to deeper water by now.

The surf casting rig i opted to use Big Vic’s Bait Netting to fashion bait bags. I had 1 good run that resulted in a torn bag with no bait. Then the small hit resulted in a Green Head Moray which i cut free. I was glad to see both rigs catching fish.

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 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

Fishing Forum Bait Stealers Overpowered By Abu Garcia’s Blue Yonder!

Fishing After The Hurricane Passes During A King’s Tide!

Yesterday Hurricane Hector passed South of the Hawaiian Islands. So even though it was still raining with high winds i decided to go out to target some Trevally & Bonefish. For the past few weeks certain areas like harbors & bays have had unusual surges of Hammerhead pups. Seems these youngsters have been chasing away the more desirable targeted food species. Also it’s a day before the unusual New Moon where the tides are in extreme flux- The King’s Tide.

I decided to use my casting reel i practice with, Abu Garcia’s Blue Yonder 7000. I recently been casting +350ft with a 6oz lead bank. Line used is 370yd of 50lb Jerry Brown braid. For those that keep asking me how it feels, it’s more then a Penn 3/0, roughly the feel of a light-weight Penn Jigmaster. Even with a damaged right wrist it’s still my easiest conventional casting reel.

My first hit was at sunrise in the pouring rain. My rod doubled over 2x and the strike was huge. But the fish only bit down on the bait and missed the hook. Had 3 more strikes but each hit diminished in strength & intensity. Then by noon to 3pm- nothing. Afterwards i had multiple smaller hits which all turned out to be young Hammerhead Sharks. Amazingly the Blue Yonder overpowered everything and was able to hoist them on shore without problems.

The rod used was a 13’3″ Daiwa Ballistic. This rod is multi-spined meaning you can use conventionals or spinners. Instead of casting practice i decided to use this reel more in the field after today. Casts smooth & is light weight with a very loud clicker. Time will tell on the hoisting power.

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 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

Fishing Forum Using Live Reef Fish For Bait!

Live Bait Shoreline Casting! How To Rig & Catch Bait!

Today i’ll show how to rig & cast LIVE reef fish to hopefully catch hungry predators. Days earlier in the same spot an entourage of freshly pupped Hammerhead Sharks were dominating the area. The normal residents like Trevally & Bonefish were probably chased out by these predators. I was hoping the freshly birthed pups would be gone & they were, but it seems today’s targeted normal inhabitants failed to return.

My fishing buddy Wayne Choy will demonstrate how to catch live reef fish to be used as live bait for hopefully larger predatory species since using cut bait wasn’t producing any hits today. Unfortunately it did produce 2 unwanted bait stealers but the process used for today is sound.

The variations on this theme of dead sticking live bait is using a heavy weighted cord instead of all light monofilament line. Why?
1) Easier for the angler to see the line’s placement considering the glaring sun & the resulting glare reflecting off the water.
2) An all light line has a tendency to be blown in different directions from the slightest wind gust. A nylon cord eliminates that nuisance & steadies the bait presentation to the fish.
3) The light mono leader (2-4lb test) at the end of the cord will do the job nicely. The appearance of the visible cord won’t distract the fish. a 2ft leader is sufficient though today a 1ft leader sufficed. You’ll need to “bite” or use a pliers to pinch on a lead shot on that line. A simple small J-shaped hook works well, i like the Limerick hook. Small baits work well. If you have no bait use what’s around you from bits of starfish to sea urchin roe. My favorite is picking up Nerite seashells that are commonly found on the high tide mark & crush the shells using rocks. The meat is a delicacy for reef fish. Use what’s available. Sand Turtles (Sand Fleas, Mole Crabs, etc) works as well.

The 2 Burrfish i caught today are part of the Porcupine Fish family. Not edible or desirable so i threw them back. Some anglers will leave them on the shore to die because they’re regarded as “rubbish fish” but please release them or any sea life back into the water.

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 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

Fishing Forum Atlas Mike’s Miracle Thread vs Anglerdream Bait Thread!

Which Nylon Bait Thread Is The Best To Use?

For years i’ve used Atlas Mike’s Miracle Thread for securing soft baits like fish & shrimp for chunking baits from the shoreline. It prevents the bait from being dislodged from the cast & limits the “little critters” from chewing the bait off before something big comes along. Just tightly wrap the stretchable nylon thread around the bait several times & pull the last wrap to dig the line in before snapping it off. Easy peasy.

Recently i found another similar brand dubbed Anglerdream Bait Thread. It also does the exact same thing that Miracle Thread can do at a fraction of the cost. Both nylon threads stretch & is invisible underwater. They both also come in supplied plastic tubes. So what are the differences?

Miracle Thread comes in a 100ft spool while Anglerdream length is 100m (328ft). Also the price of 8 vials of Anglerdream Thread is roughly that of 2 vials of Miracle Thread. The only difference in the actual product is the thread diameter of Miracle Thread seems to be slightly thicker. I used both products in the field and found nothing wrong. Both nylon bait threads held up extremely well during casting.

I still have a few vials of Atlas Mikes Miracle Thread that i got from Walmart so i will use them up. I’m sold on the newer brand Anglerdream Bait Thread simply due to the price difference & that the box i bought will last a lifetime (providing my fishing buddies don’t watch this video & start asking for vials).

It’s just a matter of personal preference which bait thread you prefer. No right or wrong answers here. For me handling & using these 2 products my mind is made up. Good luck to all out there!

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 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

Fishing Forum How To Make Bait Bags Using Big Vic’s!

How To Make Bait Bags Using Pro Meds Big Vic’s Bait Netting!

Years ago i shared how i used Pro Med01 finger gauze to make bait bags. What are bait bags? A simple gauze bag to cast soft baits that would normally rip off a casted hook. Recently i was contacted by the owner of Pro Meds , Vicki Lurie who became aware of my videos that showcased her company’s products. I then received several boxes of Big Vic’s Bait Netting#1. Seems this product was meant for anglers to cast soft baits.

Pro Meds01 is the same as Big Vic’s#1, just marketed for the fishing community. I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to enhance my experience with my bait bags. Since sharing how i make my bags i’m still answering questions till this day. So i hope i’m giving enough information to update the dozen videos i’ve done showing my usage of bait bags.

Since my first video highlighting Pro Med netting bags i’ve caught Trevally, Ladyfish, Bonefish, Sharks & Rays. Besides being able to cast very soft baits like liver i’ve found the bags prolong how long the bait can be presented. That means the netting protects the bait from being eaten to early by those tiny “bait stealers”. This means less bait checks. The benefits? You save on buying bait & that means you save money.

This day i tried to share techniques that i’ve learned to make the bait bag experience complete. A large Ladyfish took-off jumping away since it wasn’t fully hooked. Had a hit & run, and a hit that stopped & the rig went into the coral reef (most likely a eel). I showed how to stabilize your bait in sand utilizing wired banks to how to take a bait bag off a barbed hook easily. Also how i break my lead line without damaging my equipment if stuck.

Since i didn’t have any fish to show for todays demonstration i used past pictures of fish caught using bait bags since Pro Med & Big Vic’s are the same netting material. I’ve had messages from Florida to Australia by anglers who are extremely satisfied using this product.

The original intent of creating bait bags was for fresh water anglers targeting catfish by using soft baits like liver in pantyhose. Problems were the bags ripped to easily. Now salt water enthusiast as well as fresh water anglers can benefit from using bait bags.

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