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 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

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A Day Spent Fishing Is Always A Good Day!

Today i took out my California buddy Mark Gates for a day of spin casting, locally regarded as “whipping”. Long day starting from the West Coast of Oahu to Waikiki, to the Eastern Shore, then the South Shore before heading back to Waikiki. I did “snag” a small cuda but shook it off the treble hook of my Whopper Plopper lure. This is just a nice vid showing some of Hawaii’s coastlines for those that wonder if we local Hawaiians still live in huts next to a erupting volcano.

Today i used a 11′ Daiwa Coastal Surf with a Shimano SW 5000 Twin Powers. I first used CHL Herring grubs before trying the River To Sea’s Whopper Plopper surface plugs. No fish today but fishing in beautiful Hawaii is it’s own reward.

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Fishing Forum
 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

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FISHING THE GRIND – 2 DAYS – 2 STRIPED BASS – “STICK TO YOUR ROD” Sometimes when fishing for striped bass or any fish you need to “stick to your rod” (Paul R.). Fishing can be a grind and you have to stick out the fishing in a small area. Moving, moving, moving is another tactic and it is deadly but not always. I move and walk a lot. But under some conditions I will stick any stretch of water to pluck a few fish when the pickings are scarce. Time can be precious and walking will eat time alive. The important lesson is that you know how and when to apply either tactic and you know ways to approach exist. It is not always the best choice to stick but sometimes you have to do what you have to do and pray you don’t hear of stories about 15 to 20 pound striped bass being plucked from the sea a mile away. That does happen. I am happy to share my experiences with all those around the world and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.

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Fishing Forum
 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

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The Best Action Camera For Capturing Videos For The Sportsman!

When i first started sharing my videos on mostly fishing i asked fellow YouTuber Joe Olivas “WWJ” of Kauai which unit he uses since i had issues with my GoPro at that time. Joe steered me into using Contour & since then i’ve been a loyal user. For a guy like me who isn’t “tech” savvy to use a action camera with no problems is a miracle!

Months ago Contour announced the soon to be release Contour 4K.
4k Ultra HD @ 30 fps
1080 HD @ 120fps
Waterproof up to 30 ft/10m
150 wide angle lens
12 MP photos in JPEG
270 Rotating Lens
Laser Leveler
Internal Battery – 60 minutes of continuous in 4k
Internal Microphone
Built in wi fi and companion ios and Android App
Compatible with all Contour Mounts
Universal Mount Adaptor

To be released soon. Also the CONTOUR4K APP for IOS-
Remote Control with Live Preview
Control Camera Settings
Bluetooth and Wifi
Download and share photos and videos through your smartphone

I contacted Contour to confirm this released & if i’m still under sponsorship to receive a Beta unit for testing. Not only am i still on the list but Contour sent me 2 brand new units to help tide me over by replacing my current Roam 2 & 3. I was having audio glitches but performed the Contour Firmware free Updates available at-…

Years back i did an unboxing & reviews on these units.
Contour Roam2-…
Contour Roam3-…
And additional updates at_…

It doesn’t matter that i’m sponsored by Contour, what matters is i’d still be using Contour Action Cameras over over brands like GoPro because for what i do it’s the correct unit for me. If you are using another type of video styled camera & are happy with it, stick with it. As long as your unit satisfies your needs there’s no reason to change. But when you do decide for another look at other units please consider Contour Action Cameras. The new Contour4 should be out soon & i’ll be putting out a video on it’s unboxing.

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 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

Fishing Forum : Saltwater Fishing Forum: Saltwater Fishing General: BALLOONING BAITS!

How To Ballon Baited Lines From Shore!

On this day the weather report called for high North winds, which rarely occurs. So i got up at 5am (brrrr) and went to Chocolate Beach. This is my preferred testing area to demonstrate fishing techniques. My friend Junior who works at that area told me the fishing has been bad there for weeks but i just needed to demonstrate how i ballon my baits from shore.

For this i used a 13’3″ Daiwa Ballistic Rod with a Shimano Ultegra 10K spinner loaded with 380yd of 50lb Jerry Brown braid. The main reason to balloon out a rig is to get distance from shore to increase your chances of catching fish. Now if you want to drop a bait instead of having it on the surface you can do it 1 of 2 ways-
1) Use a hard sucking candy with a hole in it (like Life Savers), or drill a hole in a cough drop. Then tie a thread through that hole connecting the balloon to your bait rig. Depending on the candy used (Life Savers will be +-15min) it’ll dissolve & drop your bait.
2) Take a couple squares of toilet tissue & repeat. Roll the sheet into a tube & roll it around to connect the balloon to the bait rig. This time repeated jerks of the rod will cause the bait to break away from the balloon.

Be sure not to use more then 3/4 of your spooled line when ballooning. I usually stop when i loose sight of the balloon. My Ultegra 10K has a line retrieval rate of 40.5in per crank. So i counted 236 cranks bringing in my line. That’d 9,558in. That amounts to 797.5ft or 265.5yd. My reel is spooled with 360yd of 50lb Jerry Brown braid.

The larger the balloon is after inflating means it”ll catch the wind easier & travel faster across the surface. In the past i’ve caught huge Hammerhead & Tiger Sharks using this method. Just got to make sure to keep your back to the wind direction. Also this day i made my most unusual hook-up on my 2nd rig that i used to shore cast with. Snagged a useable 12ft Surf Rod with a large casting reel on it. Still soaking the reel but the rod cleaned-up good!

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