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Live Bait Shoreline Casting! How To Rig & Catch Bait!

Today i’ll show how to rig & cast LIVE reef fish to hopefully catch hungry predators. Days earlier in the same spot an entourage of freshly pupped Hammerhead Sharks were dominating the area. The normal residents like Trevally & Bonefish were probably chased out by these predators. I was hoping the freshly birthed pups would be gone & they were, but it seems today’s targeted normal inhabitants failed to return.

My fishing buddy Wayne Choy will demonstrate how to catch live reef fish to be used as live bait for hopefully larger predatory species since using cut bait wasn’t producing any hits today. Unfortunately it did produce 2 unwanted bait stealers but the process used for today is sound.

The variations on this theme of dead sticking live bait is using a heavy weighted cord instead of all light monofilament line. Why?
1) Easier for the angler to see the line’s placement considering the glaring sun & the resulting glare reflecting off the water.
2) An all light line has a tendency to be blown in different directions from the slightest wind gust. A nylon cord eliminates that nuisance & steadies the bait presentation to the fish.
3) The light mono leader (2-4lb test) at the end of the cord will do the job nicely. The appearance of the visible cord won’t distract the fish. a 2ft leader is sufficient though today a 1ft leader sufficed. You’ll need to “bite” or use a pliers to pinch on a lead shot on that line. A simple small J-shaped hook works well, i like the Limerick hook. Small baits work well. If you have no bait use what’s around you from bits of starfish to sea urchin roe. My favorite is picking up Nerite seashells that are commonly found on the high tide mark & crush the shells using rocks. The meat is a delicacy for reef fish. Use what’s available. Sand Turtles (Sand Fleas, Mole Crabs, etc) works as well.

The 2 Burrfish i caught today are part of the Porcupine Fish family. Not edible or desirable so i threw them back. Some anglers will leave them on the shore to die because they’re regarded as “rubbish fish” but please release them or any sea life back into the water.

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Ever Wonder Why U.S. Marines Cannot Live Without Their "Woobie?"

Ever Wonder Why U.S. Marines Cannot Live Without Their “Woobie?”

So people might be wondering – why in the world do we, in the United States Marine Corps, all refer to our favorite piece of military issued gear as a woobie!? And yes, we are referred to as “the few, the proud!”, being known for our intestinal fortitude, toughness, and all-around hard-charging attitudes. I want to go over a few reasons why I feel anyone focused on preparedness and enjoying the outdoors should add one of these magical blankets to their kit.

Woobie: 7 Reasons Why Troopers Can’t Live Without It


1. It’s Easy To Carry

It’s Easy To Carry | Ever Wonder Why U.S. Marines Cannot Live Without Their "Woobie?"
Photo by Coach Helder

The woobie is extremely lightweight due to the micro-fiber cloths it is constructed from. It can be stuffed into a pack, rolled up like a sleeping mat, or affixed to the top or bottom of your ruck. The dimensions of the poncho liner are usually 62 x 82 inches. This gives you a lot of coverage without incurring much additional weight, especially in the cold nights.

2. Used As A Sleeping Bag

Used As A Sleeping Bag | Ever Wonder Why U.S. Marines Cannot Live Without Their "Woobie?"
Photo by Coach Helder

One of the intended uses for the woobie is a fair weather, lightweight sleeping bag. Surprisingly, it provides ample warmth while adding protection from the wet weather while in the wilderness. The fact that you can get so many versatile applications from your woobie and poncho make it a considerable choice above other sleeping bag options in fair weather situations.

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FREE Survival Tool Offer

3. Used As A Pillow

Used As A Pillow | Ever Wonder Why U.S. Marines Cannot Live Without Their "Woobie?"
Photo by Coach Helder

In an emergency scenario, things are going to be extremely challenging. Rest and conserving calories are certain focal points. Something as simple as a pillow can aid you in some much needed R&R.

4. Used To Build Shelter

Used To Build Shelter | Ever Wonder Why U.S. Marines Cannot Live Without Their "Woobie?"
Photo by Coach Helder

In a pinch, my poncho liner can be affixed as part of my shelter because of its construction, it can protect me from damp weather and windy conditions; especially when coupled with my poncho. When rain is not an issue, the poncho liner makes a great tarp or fly which can shield you from the sun, not to mention debris and critters falling from trees. Check out the Stone Mountain Emergency Shelter that is warm in any weather, waterproof, and windproof.

5. Used As A Field Expedient Stretcher

Used As A Field Expedient Stretcher | Ever Wonder Why U.S. Marines Cannot Live Without Their "Woobie?"
Photo by Coach Helder

A poncho liner can easily be fashioned into a stretcher. It’s just a matter of finding a couple of poles and folding your woobie around those 2 poles. Due to the poncho liner’s nylon and polyester materials, it can handle some serious weight. Having your woobie with you will provide comfort, but having your woobie and skills may also save the life of a loved one!

6. Can Provide Concealment

Can Provide Concealment | Ever Wonder Why U.S. Marines Cannot Live Without Their "Woobie?"
Photo by Coach Helder

After all, this is a military issued piece of gear designed for military use. Due to the woobie’s various OD and camouflage patterns, it can be integrated into the environment to provide concealment when needed. If you are ever in need of concealment, you are only limited by your imagination if you have access to a woobie.

7. It’s A Family Favorite

It’s A Family Favorite | Ever Wonder Why U.S. Marines Cannot Live Without Their "Woobie?"
Photo by Coach Helder

My wife knows how prized my woobie is to me. After countless times of catching her and our pets cuddled up with my woobie, it truly amazes me how my pets gravitate towards the woobie.

We have thick quilts, goose down comforters, and a plethora of the comfy pet beds that belong to them, but if my wife happens to leave a woobie on the couch, you can bet our furry friends will claim it in a heartbeat!


Check out this full video tutorial from Coach Helder’s channel for visual cues on the woobie and why it’d be great for your survival kit:

At the moments following the end of my duty, I only looked to keeping my woobie as a keepsake. But as I maintained my preparedness and outdoor lifestyle, my woobie continued to be part of my standard kit whenever I was on the field. When I put up other equipment, the woobie is in a league of its own. I agree there’s other more pertinent gear than a poncho liner. However, if you have the possibility of including it in your ruck, I certainly wouldn’t think twice.

Pinterest Placard | Ever Wonder Why U.S. Marines Cannot Live Without Their "Woobie?"

Do you also have a woobie? If you have some stories to tell, talk with us down in the comment section below.

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Check out Ever Wonder Why U.S. Marines Cannot Live Without Their
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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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