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 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

Fishing Forum Field Testing Hawaiian Custom Rods By Okuma!

Casting Okuma’s Ulua & Menpachi Rods!

It’s important to develop faith in your equipment. To be positive that your choices in line strength, hooks, swivels, brands combined will result in a rig that’ll be a part of who you are & how you fish. Took me awhile to put together new combos. Today i went to a familiar area to test how everything “meshes” together.

Early morning there was no wind so i was drop shotting baits only 30-40yds out using 3oz banks on the Ulua “GT” rod rated MH at 7-10oz. No problem. When the winds picked-up i was throwing 6oz directly into the wind with good distances. So now i now if i used heavier weights that my distance will be good even casting into the wind. I forgot my wrist brace since i badly injured my wrist so casting was a “painful” joy.

I also used new extended length sand spikes with beveled edges. Mustad Circle Hooks, ball bearing swivels, tried different lead weights & leader set-ups. I was very happy that everything was working well. The Tesoro 12S Star Drag has 65lb braid backing to monofilament top shot. Tried both MH & H 13′ Ulua Rods & my other Tesoro Star Drag that had all 80lb Braid. I also used all 3 Menpachi Rods of 10’7″, 12′ & 13′ with varying casting weights.

It’s good to know the limitations of your gear & when to use certain lengths & strengths for different applications. Now i can go to dangerous locations to night casting on my own again. Still nursing a very bad wrist but over my concussion. Now i’m familiar with my new rigs & hopefully will put them to the test.

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 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

Fishing Forum How To Adjust A Okuma Lever Drag & Use Mag Cast Control!

Okuma Solterra SLR-15CS Lever Drag w/Magnetic Cast Control!

I recently was able to procure this 2014 Okuma lever drag conventional reel. Original intent was for trolling & bottom jigging, but the magnetic cast control gives the angler added distance when shore casting. I was able to spool 250yd of 65lb braid as backing to a top shot of 60yd of 40lb monofilament line. I just opened it to grease & lube the internals so will use this for shore casting.

Some anglers like myself prefer star drags for shore casting. But to cast lever drags you must first know how. So i’ll demonstrate how to work the settings for casting. I’ll also explain how the magnetic cast control system works & how to set that properly as well.

This reel is hard to procure. Not many mentions on social fishing groups or on YouTube. Hopefully this’ll help the beginners on understanding how to cast a lever drag reel & how magnetic cast control systems work.

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 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

Fishing Forum Okuma Hawaiian Custom Menpachi Rod For 2018!

Hawaiian Custom Rods For 2018!

This year at ICAST Okuma unveiled the new revised Hawaiian Custom Menpachi Rod. Menpachi is a local Hawaiian name for Soldierfish that comes out to feed at night. There are 3 sizes available,

10’7″ 10 guides + tip 2pc 50/50 split 1/2-2oz
12′ 11 guides + tip 2pc 50/50 split 1/2-2oz
13′ 12 guides + tip 2pc 50/50 split 1/2-2oz

I like the split butt design. Reduces weight & improves balance. The black foam TPE is sandwiched by cork on fore & rear grips. Has 3K woven material for strength & design. Made of 24 ton graphite. Guides are Alps#316 marine grade SS & has zirconium inserts for braid & light monofilament line. Easy transportation with the 50/50 split.

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 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

Fishing Forum Spin & Bait Casting My NEW Okuma Rigs!

Blessing My NEW Spin & Bait Casting Okuma Rigs!

Today was the first day i field tested my new gear. The choice in lines & strengths to the pairings looked & feels good. And my new new rigs were blessed by hook-ups though small. So the monkey fell off the back early!

On the spin casting rig i started with grubs which attracted 1 barracuda (C&R’d) & 1 hit that cut the line. So i switch to casting baits which caught a small Bluefin Trevally Jack. First one there in a month. These past months baby Hammerheads were all over & i felt they chased out the Bonefish & Jacks. Most days i only caught Hammerheads. It was nice not catching HH, they must be getting bigger & moving to deeper water by now.

The surf casting rig i opted to use Big Vic’s Bait Netting to fashion bait bags. I had 1 good run that resulted in a torn bag with no bait. Then the small hit resulted in a Green Head Moray which i cut free. I was glad to see both rigs catching fish.

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 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

Fishing Forum My Okuma Rockaway A Azores Spinning Set-Up!

My New Spinning “Whipping” Rig!

For years i grew-up spin casting the shorelines for smaller species. We call this “Whipping” here in Hawaii. Sometimes i get a knock-down hit that’ll snap the line if my set-up is to light. Other times if i go with heavier line & lures i won’t catch anything because i needed lighter line & smaller lures.

So i just ordered 2 extra spools, one for lighter braid & the other very light monofilament. Currently i have 20lb braid (250yds) on. I always wanted to go with Azores spinners. The stacked drag washer system is unique & powerful. And i just noticed how thick the bail wire is. For years i’ve used Shimano because it’s light. But could never hold a large strike. For the slight difference in weight i think i’m going to be happy with the Azores. It may be heavier then comparable Shimano models but the stopping power & price tag is more attractive. Also the cost for extra Azores spools is very attractive as well.

Four years ago i purchased 4 Okuma T40X light casting rods between 7’9″ – 10’9″. It was then i fell in love with these type of rods by Okuma. I now have the 10′ & 12′ Rockaways & 3 “Hawaiian Custom Menpachi Rods” made especially for Hawaii also by Okuma. These are all spin casting rods.

I decided to go all Okuma because their products suit my style of fishing. It’s up to everyone how they fish & what products they’ll put their faith in. I’m slowly spooling reels & adding to my needs of-
1) Spin Casting rigs (different lengths).
2) Bait Casting rigs (also called Dunking, different lengths).
3) Plugging & Popping rigs (MH & H applications).
4) Sliding rigs (XH applications).

I’m going to stick with 1 brand for everything. Okuma has great products but not the hight price tags. When i start fishing again i’ll show how everything “meshes” together. I’ll most likely need to alter my equipment along the way but hopefully will find a working system that i can share with other curious watchers. Thanks:)

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 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

Fishing Forum The Okuma Tesoro TSR-12S Star Drag Real!

The Okuma Tesoro TSR-12S Star Drag Real!

The Tesoro Reel is a long casting shoreline reel & powerful jigging conventional as well. This high end star drag reel can handle large shoreline species & won’t cost a bundle compared to other big name fishing companies. Basically the Tesoro is built like a Makaira Lever Reel but just in a star drag housing. Largest of the current Tesoro series of 3 (the others being the 5S & the 10S).

Holds 475yds of 65lb braid.
Gear ratio of 6.2:1.
4BB & 1RB.
Weight 19.2oz.
46″ line retrieval per crank.
22lb max drag (thumb the side spool if needed on huge runs).
Currently no left hand models.

1) Machined 1pc aluminum frame, side plate & spool.
2) Aluminum star stepped star drag increments.
3) The main & pinion gears are SS, as well as the helical cut gears.
4) Carbonite drag system w/Cal’s drag grease.
5) Self lubricating gear system (would recommend yearly servicing for
heavy usage by sending to your nearest Okuma service center).
6) SLG – Speed Lock Pinion Gear
“Positive gearing at high speed @ +50mph spurts (wahoo, tuna,
mahi can generate burst of speed this high when initially hooked).
Means solid hook-ups!
7) XL gearing with large oversized drop down gear box for more
torque & power!
8) CRC – Corrosion Resistant Coating from the elements.
9) Ergo XL grip handle (better grip when wet or covered in slimy bait).
10) Dual anti-reverse.
11) 4-Drainage ports.
12) 3yr Limited Warranty @

Levers maybe popular but there is a increasing demand for high end star drag reels for casting & jigging. I chose Okuma for my new fishing rod & reel needs for their innovative technical advances and non-overpriced equipment.

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