A Beta Testers Review Of The New HR-17

A Beta Testers Review Of The New HR-17

I’m known as a “knife guy”. I come from a long line of “knife guys”. Growing up in a rural setting, I was raised that if I wasn’t in school or church than I better have my knife on me. So the knife that I trust to carry day in and day out is a big deal.

Now, I tell you this to give you some context to help you understand how serious I am when I say that the newest foldable knife from Hoffman Richter has completely replaced my old EDC knife…

If you knew me, then you would know that is huge!

I had used their old knife, the HR-15, in the past and it did the job. But it never really got there for me. So when they asked me to beta test their newest knife, the HR-17, I honestly didn’t expect much. In fact, I actually carried it and my regular EDC knife for the first couple of weeks.

However, I just have to say… The HR-17 won me over. It is the real deal.

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For starters is really is the perfect weight for a foldable knife. At just over half a pound, it’s light enough to throw in my pocket while still having the impact and durability that is so important.

Next, and this goes hand in hand with its weight, is how durable it proved to be. I had this knife in my possession for a little over a year and as of writing this, it has no rattle or give and no chips in the blade.

It’s solid and well made. A knife you can count on when you need it most.

It’s made out of titanium coated 440C stainless steel which ensure that it keeps it’s edge longer while being nearly indestructible. I put this knife through the ringer and it never missed a beat. I dropped it, threw it, hammered on it… Hell, I even drove over it a few times trying to break it and honestly, it never let me down. It still opens clean and is almost as sharp as the day I got it.

The HR-17 is nothing short of a workhorse.

Check out A Beta Testers Review Of The New HR-17 at https://survivallife.com/sneak-peek-hoffman-richter-is-at-it-again-with-another-sharp-idea/

Now let me talk about its spring action for a minute. I used to hate spring action knives. Somehow they just always felt like cheating to me, but to their credit, the HR-15 was the first knife that I actually grew to like it on… Well, the HR-17 blows the 15 away.

The spring action is stiffer without being cumbersome. I never have to worry about it accidentally opening up in my pocket or pack. Yet with a firm press of my index finger it is ready to use, and let me tell you, it opens up quick. The fastest I’ve ever used to be exact.

Finally, I’ll tell you about the most drastic change on this knife and the real reason that it is my go-to every day carry for both defense and utility. I’m referring to it’s modified tanto blade. As far as I’m concerned the snub-nosed feature of the tanto blade is the pinnacle of foldable knives.

Hoffman Richter HR17

A tanto blade really gives your knife two key advantages over a regular fine tip knife. Strength and durability. The HR-17 has some serious puncturing strength behind it and is one of the most effective knives I have ever used. I even used it as a chisel a few times while hammering on the butt of it. It’s nothing short of impressive. All while never worrying about the blade breaking or chipping off.

In all honesty, I expect to see more and more companies move to a tanto blade in the near future as it is truly superior to the fine tip knives that have been so common in the past.

As you can see, I was as skeptical as they come when I was asked to beta test the new HR-17. In truth, I planned to only use it a couple and times and then toss it in a drawer somewhere never to be seen again. However, after every use, It just kept impressing me more and more and now I can’t imagine trusting a different knife.

Hoffman Richter HR17

The HR-17 is my EDC knife of choice.

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EZ-Pour Fuel Jug Spout Product Review

EZ-Pour Fuel Jug Spout Product Review

If you’ve decided to read this post, chances are you own at least one gasoline container with a broken fuel spout. I, too, have a couple of old fuel containers with broken nozzles. About a year ago, I came across a product that looked promising, the EZ-Pour Fuel Jug Spout. I decided to give it a try, thinking I could use it for my old gas cans. What were my thoughts? Read on to find out!

EZ-Pour Fuel Jug Spout | To Spout or Not to Spout?

In this article:

The Need

Over the past few decades, fuel containers have evolved significantly. The biggest change is in the materials. Most gas cans these days are made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is a rugged plastic material. The containers made from this material are lightweight and last for a long time under normal use. Their weak point, though, is their spout. These are made from more lightweight and flexible plastic, which have a tendency to crack and break after a few years.

This is exactly the problem I have experienced myself. I had two smaller gasoline containers that I used in my vehicle emergency kits. Since I live in Arizona, the heat and the dry air caused the fuel spouts to crack, defeating the purpose of the containers. But, I didn’t want to throw them away. They were still in perfectly good condition. That’s when I started looking around for replacement spouts. Eventually, I found the EZ-Pour online and purchased a couple for my containers.

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The Models

The Models | EZ-Pour Fuel Jug Spout Product Review

Combined Manufacturing, Inc. makes different versions of the EZ-Pour Spout. There is a Water Jug Spout, a Hi-Flow Fuel Spout, and a Hi-Flow Water Spout. The most popular one is the EZ-Pour Fuel Jug Spout which I will review here. They also make various adapters for Jerry Cans, Chilton Gas Cans, and Racing Jugs. In other words, if you have a plastic fuel container, they probably have an EZ pour spout kit for it.

The Catch

Only pre-2009 gas cans fit spouts currently out in the market. The reason is the EPA, in their bureaucratic wisdom, decided that fuel can spout needed “improvements” to meet new standards. The result was spouts that are almost impossible to use. One perfect solution is the EZ-Pour Spout. For residents of most US states, you can purchase it and replace the existing one in your older gas can.

Projected Costs

The EZ-Pour Spout is priced at $10.95 on the manufacturer’s website, plus shipping fee. Retail and online prices will vary by a buck or two.


I purchased two of the regular EZ-Pour spouts because they fit my fuel containers (a Blitz and a Wedco). The first thing I noticed is how long they are. This is apparent because both of my containers are small ones—on larger containers they will seem normal.

The spouts don’t fold-up or collapse into the container. Instead, they’re both detachable and extendable. This does take up less space and would normally increase the risk of spillage, but the quality of the top cap and the base cap will prevent this from happening. The tube is strong yet has some flexibility, which is what you want in a spout. The caps are very sturdy and fit well with both the spout and the container. The kit also contains a second cap for the spout or can vent, a replacement push-in vent, a second base cap, and a flame arrester.

When I put mine together and installed them on my gas containers, I was pleased with how everything fit together. The materials are high-quality and solid. I wasn’t afraid of breaking anything while I put it all together. In addition, it only took me a couple minutes to assemble and install.

Putting EZ Pour Hi Flo to the test

A few weeks ago, I decided to put these to the test with real fuel and a real vehicle. I went to my local gas station with my old containers and their new spouts. It takes an effort to unscrew the fuel spout from the can, which is a good thing. That means its threading is good and is unlikely to either unscrew or spill. After I filled the can, I screwed the spout back on and put it in the trunk of my car. When I got home, there was no fuel in my trunk and the cap was still on the spout.

After, I went to my other car to fuel it up from the can. I took the cap off, put the spout in the tank, and tilted the container up. Everything flowed easily and in a few seconds, the can was empty. Plus, no fuel was spilled. The only catch is the flap on the fuel filler tube wanted to hang on to the fuel spout. After a little wiggling, it came out, and I replaced the car’s fuel cap. In other words, the EZ-Pour spout worked like a charm.


  • Solid construction from good materials
  • Threads prevent fuel from leaking


  • Somewhat long spout for small containers takes up extra space


West Texas Prepper shows a video on replacing his old jug spout with the EZ pour replacement spout:

If you have any pre-2009 fuel containers laying around, you should consider getting an EZ-Pour fuel jug spout for them. They will allow you to continue to use your old style gas can with a spout that actually works well. The EZ-pour fuel jug spout could easily be the best gas can spout solution out there. I highly recommend them, and they won’t disappoint! Overall Rating 8/10.

What are your thoughts about the EZ-Pour Fuel Jug Spout? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on September 23, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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