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 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

Fishing Forum Okuma Hawaiian Custom Menpachi Rod For 2018!

Hawaiian Custom Rods For 2018!

This year at ICAST Okuma unveiled the new revised Hawaiian Custom Menpachi Rod. Menpachi is a local Hawaiian name for Soldierfish that comes out to feed at night. There are 3 sizes available,

10’7″ 10 guides + tip 2pc 50/50 split 1/2-2oz
12′ 11 guides + tip 2pc 50/50 split 1/2-2oz
13′ 12 guides + tip 2pc 50/50 split 1/2-2oz

I like the split butt design. Reduces weight & improves balance. The black foam TPE is sandwiched by cork on fore & rear grips. Has 3K woven material for strength & design. Made of 24 ton graphite. Guides are Alps#316 marine grade SS & has zirconium inserts for braid & light monofilament line. Easy transportation with the 50/50 split.

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 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

Fishing Forum The CORRECT Way To Replace A Rod Tip! Yes I Said The CORRECT Way!

The “Myth” Of Using A Lighter To Replace A Rod Tip Is Explained!

Last week i took a fall fighting a fish. The mainline snapped putting me on my back. That fall dislodged the rod tip insert. To get me by the following day i decided to temporarily super glue the insert back in. Some of my rod building friends like Mark Gonsalves cautioned me that this is a temporary fix, which it was. Today i went to visit Hawaii’s best known rod builder/instructor/teacher/expert Brian Kimata, owner of Brian’s Fishing Supply. Brian even gives free classes on rod building so he knows his stuff.

Before leaving i researched how to repair my rod tip on YouTube. Virtually everyone gave the same lecture on using a lighter to heat & melt the epoxy glue holding the rod tip to the blank’s tip. Then pull it off. Sounds simple, right? Well i found out it’s a half-true myth. If the rod is a custom rod, yes you can pull the rod tip off by using a lighter. This is because a rod builder will use a thermo plastic adhesive to attach the rod tip. The melting point of this adhesive is lower then the melting point of the rod’s blank so the tip can be removed safely.

But if the rod is a factory rod, which over 90% are, the factory epoxy glue has a much higher melting point then the rod’s blank so the actual rod itself will droop & melt way before the epoxy does. I was told maybe 1 out of 15 factory rods “might” be lucky enough to be fixed this way. This same info was shared with me today by not only seasoned rod builders but also by a rod building instructor.

I’m so glad that my friend Brian Kimata took the time today to properly explain & show me how to do my own repairs. My other fishing buddy & master rod builder Mark Gonsalves kindly offered to do it for me but i really wanted to learn this on my own. Always good to have great buds to back you up!

With Brian’s permission i’m going to share his knowledge with everyone watching this video. Even a slow guy like me did this under 8 minutes on my first rod tip repair. If i can do it, anyone can. LOL!

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 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

Fishing Forum Vintage 1-Piece 13′ Kimura Ulua GT Casting Rod!

Strong Vintage 1pc Glass Rod With SS Butt Cap!

This video was made to preserve a old vintage piece of history. A Kimura rod. Back in the day we used Kimura & Saber rods to cast & slide live/dead baits for the almighty Ulua (Giant Trevally). Nowadays the lighter rods are made of graphite but the stronger ones have a mixture of glass with graphite for strength.

Then Jeff Andrews shocked everyone with his Boron mixed rods that you could drive over & they didn’t break. Other notable rods that GT anglers used were Talons & Sliders, all still popular today & in demand with true shoreline connoisseurs of today.

My personal favorite casting custom rods? IRW. Started around i think in the late 80’s by Bill Batson’s dad Bob Batson with Kenny Kimura. This was the beginning of the classic 13ft 1pc fiberglass rods. Heavy vintage pieces! The newer 2pc IRW has the telltale metal ferrules.

Since then science & innovation has seen the development of Graphite (thanks to the research team at NASA). Also for 2-3 piece rods the use of extra glass to double threads, beveled angles & deeper ferrule depths have made sectional rods popular. I still remember using cloth strips to tie 11′ & 13′ 1-piece Saber rods to one side of the car on the outside. Those were the days.

If YouTube is still around in say a 1,000yrs from now future anglers will view this video & comment “they really used rods like that”?

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 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

Fishing Forum How To Repair A Rod Tip Insert!

How To Repair A Rod Tip Insert!

I took a fall with my rod in hand and the resulting fall dislodged the black insert from the tip. I will show how to inspect the metal rod tip for damages & will repair the tip by using super glue to re-attach the insert. I’ll also explain your options if the rod tip was cracked. If you don’t re-attach the insert you can damage your line & will have to re-spool your reel. Always inspect your equipment regularly to ensure proper usage & care.

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 Hooked Something Huge While Night Fishing Under Bridges

Fishing Forum Best Surf Casting Rod Under $170?

Best Surf Casting Rod Under $170? Added A Newell 338 Reel! Thanks Bass Pro Shops For The Ocean Master Casting Rod!

I wanted a surf casting rod that can handle throwing 8oz + bait with no problems of the rod breaking. Has to be light weight & resilient, flexible & strong. Able to use as a bait caster chucking large baits to sliding live or dead baits. Problem? Cost is numero uno! Good name brand good quality rods can start at $300. That’s starting now.

So after much research i narrowed my search to Bass Pros – Offshore Anglers Ocean Master Surf Casting Rod. Heard great reviews on the spinner rod so decided to first introduce myself to the casting model. Same stats so getting both would be a plus.

Casting Unit# Model Length Power Line Lure Weight
65-2348698 OSR12C 12′ H 20-50lb 6-12oz

No Cons But A Lot Of Pros Like-
Lightweight & Great Flexability.
Double Helix Configuration For Maximum Structural Reinforcement.
Double Wrapped Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides.
Solid Guides Minimizes Line Friction.
Great For Heavy Lures & Baits.
Fuji Heavt Duty Cushioned Hood Reel Seat 4 Big Reels.
X-Wrap EVA Handle For Wet Hands Or Bait Slime For Non-Slip Grip.

I try to choose lure ratings that at 50% is my favorite target casting weight. I like chucking 8oz & this rod’s 50% threshold is rated at 9oz. Perfecto for tossing 8 & bait rigs! Bad weather has hampered my fishing activities along with recovering from an accident. I’m gearing-up for some long fishing outings & this is my first step.

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