37 Urban Survival Skills | Survival Skills

37 Urban Survival Skills | Survival Skills

It is definitely a fascinating challenge to apply urban survival skills you have mastered in your everyday life.

37 Useful Urban Survival Skills to Have


Why Do You Need Urban Survival Skills?

Visions of zombies flooding the streets might come to mind, but in the real world, there are still a lot of dangers that we have to face or prepare for. If you look at the current events in our country, you will always find plenty of good reasons to have or learn urban survival skills.

In the end, it’s your urban survival skills that can save your life. It doesn’t matter if the threat comes from your job, your neighborhood, the road, or right in your own home. You’re a prepper/survivalist and you will try everything you can to help yourself and your loved ones get through difficult scenarios. Here are some abilities that you need to learn and master.

1. Open a Can Barehanded

Open a Can Barehanded | Urban Survival Skills
How to Open a Can without Can Opener – Zombie Survival Tips #20 Photo by Crazy Russian Hacker [Youtube]

A can opener may not be around when you need to access your precious supplies. Learn this trick to stop depending on the device.

2. Cook the Old-Fashioned Way

 Cook the Old-Fashioned Way | Urban Survival Skills
COOKING SKILLS: 8 Reasons To Hold Onto Old Cookbooks Photo by Survival Life

Old recipes not only taste better, but they also help preserve our culture.

3. Survive a Fight

Survive a Fight | Urban Survival Skill
Ways to Survive in a Fight Photo by Survival Life

With all the violence going on, you need to be ready for any attack. Acquire skills that’ll help you survive a fight, or better yet, win. This will prevent anyone from planning to attack you in the future.

4. Tampon Hacks

Tampon Hacks | Urban Survival Skill
The Tampon Survival Kit Photo by The Man Mag

Find out how to repurpose a sanitary item in ways you never imagined.  This compact item can come in handy in a number of situations.

5. Unexpected Survival Tricks

Unexpected Survival Tricks | Urban Survival Skill
Camping Hacks That Might Actually Save Your Life One Day Photo by Buzz Feed

Hacks like these make being a survivalist fun and interesting. Always keep an open mind and be ready for any situation.

6. Pointers from the Modern Age

Pointers from the Modern Age | Urban Survival Skill
Survival Tips from Pop Culture Photo by Survival Life

There are more lessons that can be learned from today than ever before. Use them to your advantage.

7. Grow your Own Food

Grow your Own Food | Urban Survival Skill
Survival Gardening Plants For Spring Photo by Survival Life

Because you can’t depend on the market or someone else to sell you food when the economy collapses. Growing your own food will give you reassurance that you’ll survive any shortage.

8. Use a Tin Can in Every Possible Way

Use a Tin Can in Every Possible Way | Urban Survival Skill
Survival Hacks Could Save Your Life One Day Photo by Viral Nova

There’s always a lot to learn when it comes to repurposing. Tin cans are an especially great item to turn into various tools.

9. Make Tea for Vitamin C

Make Tea for Vitamin C | Urban Survival Skill
Homemade Herbal Peppermint Tea Bags Photo by Vermont Farm Heart

Tea with vitamin C is a great source when you need to boost your immune system in the winter.

10. Escape a Shooting

Escape a Shooting | Urban Survival Skill
Tips For Surviving A Workplace Shooting Photo by Talking Points Memo

A safety expert shows you how to get out alive when your workplace is attacked. Learn how to escape a shooting from any intruder.

11. Get Rid of a Tail

Get Rid of a Tail | Urban Survival Skill
Get Rid of a Tail Photo by Wired

Know when someone is following you and what to do. Stay alert on the road and think about how you can get rid of a tail. This can save your life or at least prevent anyone from following you.

12. Make a Long-Lasting Flashlight

Make a Long-Lasting Flashlight | Urban Survival Skill
Make a Long-Lasting Flashlight Photo by Captive Reefs

A reliable light source may not always be available. Make sure you’re always prepared and ready if there’s a power outage.

13. Fix your Bugout Bag

Fix your Bugout Bag | Urban Survival Skill
How to Fix Every Common Zipper Problem Photo by Life Hacker

Parts will break as you use your gear to the fullest. Learn how to fix them.

14. Prepare Survival Food

Prepare Survival Food | Urban Survival Skill
Prepare Survival Food Photo by DIY Projects

It is important and to have food that won’t go bad for a long time. One of the most important items in your urban survival kit list should be emergency food.

Certain Foods | Urban Survival Skill

If you didn’t see exactly why you should keep Certain Foods in your pantry… CLICK HERE

15. Make Water Safe to Drink

Make Water Safe to Drink | Urban Survival Skill
Water Pasteurization and the WAPI Photo by Food Storage and Survival

Having a WAPI ensures that you won’t put dangerous microbes into your body. This is especially great for urban disaster survival.

16. Light up the Darkness with Tuna

Light up the Darkness with Tuna | Urban Survival Skill
Eight Household Items That Could Save Your Life Photo by Outside

When the grid is down and you have no light source, a can of tuna can save the day or night. You can turn your emergency food into an urban survival equipment fit for any blackout.

17. Turn a Battery into a Firestarter

Turn a Battery into a Firestarter | Urban Survival Skill
How To Start A Fire With a 9V Battery Photo by Survival Life

Use electrical energy to light a fire. This is one of the best urban survival essentials you need to keep yourself warm and fed in any situation.


18. Defend your Home from Invaders

Defend your Home from Invaders | Urban Survival Skill
Defend your Home from Invaders Photo by Big Stock

Learn to protect your house and family from invaders. One of the essentials of urban survival prepping is establishing a safe home.

19. Resurrect Dead Batteries

Resurrect Dead Batteries | Urban Survival Skill
Bring Dead Ni-Cad Batteries Back to Life | Prepper Skills Photo by Survival Life

We live in an electronic world, so know how to get those gadgets to work. Your urban survival backpack should have a few extra batteries just in case

20. Repurpose Soda Cans

Repurpose Soda Cans | Urban Survival Skill
Aluminum Upcycling: New Life for Old Cans Photo by Recycle Nation

Turning your garbage into very useful items is one of the best urban survival tips to remember. Don’t just throw them away. Keep them and turn them into useful items for preppers.

21. Survive Anywhere in the World

 Survive Anywhere in the World | Urban Survival Skill
How To Survive Living In A Foreign Country Photo by Thought Catalog

Here’s what you need to do when things get awry and you’re in a strange place.

22. Get Out of a Dangerous Situation

 Get Out of a Dangerous Situation | Urban Survival Skill
Get Out of a Dangerous Situation Photo by Alpha Outpost

Find ways to get safely out of a hostage or terror scenario. This may be one of the most useful skills in an urban survival guide.

23. Exit a Car Before it Sinks

Exit a Car Before it Sinks | Urban Survival Skill
Escape a Sinking Car Photo By Prepare and Protect

It’s imperative to get out of the vehicle before it reaches the bottom. Break the window as soon as your car hits the surface of the water to give yourself enough time.

24. Escape Zip Ties

Escape Zip Ties | Urban Survival Skill
How to Escape from Zip Ties Photo by Imminent Threat Solutions

It’s not easy to break free from zip tie, or so you think. This isn’t something books will teach you but it’s an essential.

25. Practical Intelligence

Practical Intelligence | Urban Survival Skill
Practical Intelligence Photo by Big Law Business

Sometimes all you need is to think out of the box or adjust to the situation. Approaching any situation with flexibility will help you get through anything.

26. Live Through Winter

Live Through Winter | Urban Survival Skill
Live Through Winter Photo by Step by Step

Even when you’re indoors, the coldest season can be unforgiving.

27. Make Waterproof Firestarters

Make Waterproof Firestarters | Urban Survival Skill
The Two Best Methods to Make Waterproof Matches Photo by Food Storage and Survival

It’s important to be able to start a fire whatever the weather throws at you.

28. Be Street-Smart

Be Street-Smart | Urban Survival Skill
Be Street-Smart Photo by David Ickle

Learn all the skills necessary to get through a bad situation, starting with awareness. The best survival books will tell you being street-smart can be as good as book-smarts.

29. Hide in Plain Sight

Hide in Plain Sight | Urban Survival Skill
Ways to Make Camouflage at Home Photo by Survival Life

To any survivalist, the benefits of using camouflage no longer need to be discussed.

30. Answering a Door Safely

Answering a Door Safely | Urban Survival Skill
Answering a Door Safely Photo by Frame Pool

If you’re not careful, bad guys can invade your home from your front door. Answer your door safely to prevent any intruders from entering your home.

31. Stay Fit

Stay Fit | Urban Survival Skill
Arm Exercises Without Weights Photo by Made Man

Being in top shape is important if you want to make it through any survival situation. This is an imperative in any urban survival books.

32. Be like Harry Houdini

Be like Harry Houdini | Urban Survival Skill
Harry Houdini, 1874-1926: The Great Escape Artist Photo by Learning English

No one wants to be held captive, especially people like us. An expert shows us how to escape bound hands.

33. Know What to Expect

Know What to Expect | Urban Survival Skill
National Disaster map Photo by Crisis HQ

If you have an idea of what could happen in a certain place or condition, you are better equipped to survive.

34. Keep your Cool on the Road

Keep your Cool on the Road | Urban Survival Skill
UK Weather: How to Sleep in Hot Weather and Other Tips to Stay Cool Photo by BBC News

Don’t turn a simple trip into a life-and-death situation. Always try to stay calm on the road to approach any situation logically and in a safe manner.

35. Deal with Urban Terror

Deal with Urban Terror | Urban Survival Skill
Things to Do to Survive a Terrorist Attack Photo by Sputnik International

It has happened, and it’s still happening, so it’s best to learn how to deal with senseless violence.

36. Hunker Down in Your Car

 Hunker Down in Your Car | Urban Survival Skill
Car Snap Photo by Costea

Your personal transport does not have to be a tank or tricked-out zombie survival vehicle to help you get through the night.

37. Save Yourself from an Active Shooter

 Save Yourself from an Active Shooter | Urban Survival Skill
How To Prevent And Survive A Random Active Shooter Incident Photo by Sacramento Elite Patrol

Hard as it is to accept, but we all need to learn how to handle this new kind of terror.


Watch this video from The Survival Outpost for urban survival tips in the concrete jungle:

Master these survival skills, and you might just be able to save your own or someone else’s life when society collapses. Take this as a list of things to add to your urban survival manual and make every day a lot safer for you and your family.

Do you have your own set of urban survival skills? Mention them in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on February 10, 2018, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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Tools for the Best Urban Every Day Carry Kit

Tools for the Best Urban Every Day Carry Kit

For most of us living in a city, daily survival is something we take for granted. An urban EDC kit isn’t at the forefront of our thoughts. Just because you live in an urban environment doesn’t mean you should be any less prepared than if you live in the country. When SHTF you don’t get a warning, you might be away from your home and gear, and your survival could depend on the items you carry with you every day. So do you know exactly the essential EDC items you need in an urban environment?

How to Pack Your Urban EDC Kit the Right Way


Things to Consider

Packing your EDC to prepare for survival situations isn’t easy. To get you started, here’s a list of important categories to consider when packing:

  • Self Defense
  • Illumination
  • Hydration
  • Utility

Make sure to fill each of these categories when prepping your urban EDC bag. Keep reading to find out why these categories matter and what the best EDC survival items are.

1. Self Defense

Self Defense | Urban EDC: Tools for the Best Urban Every Day Carry Kit
The Hoffman-Richter Stinger Tactical Pen Photo by Survival Life

Unlike being isolated in the wilderness, your primary threat in the city is other people. That’s why you should never leave the house without some sort of protection in case you are attacked and forced to defend yourself. The market is saturated with legal and illegal self-defense weapons. I like to play it safe since you never know when you might be searched by law enforcement. For this reason, I prefer a good box cutter.

Box cutters are legal as long as you’re not waving them around, and they’re perfect for keeping attackers at bay should the situation arise. They also make great utility knives. Being able to replace the blade means it’s always razor sharp, and you don’t need to worry about using it on dirty jobs. I love box cutters and carry one everywhere I go in my urban EDC. I even carry extra blades in my pack in case I need them. Box cutters also make great bottle openers.

Not everyone is comfortable carrying a knife, however, and in that case, I recommend a good tactical pen. I always carry a pen and notebook, so why not carry a pen that smashes a car window in an emergency or strikes an attacker in the temple and incapacitates them?

The Hoffman Richter Stinger Tactical Pen is the perfect blend of defense and utility. It’s heavy enough to take down an attacker but small enough that you won’t mind carrying this baby everywhere you go. Both stylish and discreet, no one will even suspect you’re carrying a deadly weapon. It also makes a great writing tool and has replaceable cartridges for when it runs dry.

2. Illumination

Illumination  | Urban EDC: Tools for the Best Urban Every Day Carry Kit

If you travel after dark or use underground transportation, it’s in your best interest to always carry a flashlight. You never know when you might find yourself in the dark and need to see where you’re going. If you are attacked, chances are it’s going to be at night when you are the most vulnerable. You should carry a flashlight in your urban EDC that’s small enough to conceal easily but bright enough to illuminate your surroundings.

The tactical flashlight from Hybeam is a compact and a heavy duty survival item. It has a high beam setting to quickly identify your surroundings or to blind someone running up on you in the dark. It’s waterproof and great for carrying in a back pocket or a purse. If you’re looking for something bigger which can also double as a weapon, I highly recommend a Maglite.

There’s a reason that cops use these flashlights. Not only do they completely illuminate your surroundings, they make an exceptional blunt weapon should you need it. Their large size makes them hard to conceal outside of backpacks or large purses. I keep mine under the front seat of my car in case I need it.

3. Hydration

Hydration  | Urban EDC: Tools for the Best Urban Every Day Carry Kit

Even in a city, the best thing you can do is stay hydrated. Having access to clean water is the most important part of survival. Sure, you can buy bottled water at gas stations everywhere. But you’re just throwing money away and filling the ocean with plastic. Everywhere you go you should have clean water, so why not do it right.

Water bottle from Klean Kanteen is made of double layers of stainless steel that insulates it. This means it keeps water cold for 24+ hours, even in the summer heat. It also comes with a loop cap, making it easy to clip onto your backpack. I recommend getting the 32 oz. size for your urban EDC. Not only will it keep you hydrated all day, it also makes a great weapon. When filled up, it doubles as a stainless steel club that can easily bash in an attacker’s skull.

You can’t always carry enough clean water and when you run out, it’s important to get more. The Aquastiq portable water filter lets you drink water on job sites you normally wouldn’t trust. They also make a water bottle that fits the straw, perfect for traveling in nature or a modern city.

4. Utility

Utility  | Urban EDC: Tools for the Best Urban Every Day Carry Kit

The following items don’t just do one thing, they do it all. They are also small enough that you will hardly notice they’re in your urban EDC until you need them.

The M48 Kommando rescue tool comes with the standard array of wrenches, wire cutters, bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver, and knife blade. It also comes with emergency paracord and Morse code for help and SOS.

Here is another tool that does it all and is small enough to fit on your keychain. It has a small and medium flat driver, a Phillips head driver, wire stripper, pry bar and a bottle opener. It’s so small you can even carry it on airplanes.

You don’t get more utility than a multitool. This 13-in-1 tool from Hoffman Richter comes with needle nose pliers, wire cutters, two different knives, a saw, a file, large, medium and small slotted screwdrivers, a Phillips screwdriver and a bottle opener. This baby does it all. My favorite part is the pliers, which come in handy in so many different situations.


Watch this video by SensiblePrepper for more ideas about what to put in your EDC bag:

Just because you live in a modern city, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for the worst. Once you get in the habit of carrying survival items in an urban EDC, you stop having to worry about them. When SHTF, the items you are carrying may be the only things keeping you alive, so make sure you’re carrying the best.

What do you carry every day? Leave a comment and let us know your personal favorite EDC gear and how it has kept you alive.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on September 9, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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What is Urban Survival Syndrome and Does It Explain Big City Tension?

What is Urban Survival Syndrome and Does It Explain Big City Tension?

Is Urban Survival Syndrome alive and well in big cities? If you’ve ever lived in a rough neighborhood, then you know that feeling. That feeling you get when you leave the house in the morning, wondering how many windows will be broken when you get back from work. That feeling as you walk down the street; don’t smile, don’t show weakness, and keep that game face on. That feeling of relief when you lock the door behind you upon getting home. That feeling right before you go to sleep as you go through your mental checklist: the back door is shut, the front door is good, windows are locked … You get the drill. Read on to learn more about Urban Survival Syndrome.

All About Urban Survival Syndrome


Big City Fears Unleashed

Big City Fears Unleashed | What is Urban Survival Syndrome?
Big City Fears Unleashed Photo by pugpop (flickr)

Whether we like to admit it or not, living in a dicey neighborhood can mess you up. In 2014, a study published in the Peer J journal found that spending time in a crime-prone neighborhood made research volunteers significantly more paranoid. The surprising part is just how little time is needed for the paranoia to set in; less than an hour, according to researchers.

“We … bused volunteers to one or other neighborhood at random, and had them walk around for 45 minutes,” explained researcher Daniel Nettle, a professor of behavioral science at Newcastle University.

“We found that by the end of the walk, the volunteers in the high-crime neighborhood also said they trusted others less and felt more paranoid,” he said.

Nettle continued by pointing out that after their “short visit,” to a rough part of town, his research volunteers experienced what it was like to be in the mindset of “the residents who lived there.”

“It’s interesting because it shows not just that our environment affects our state of mind, but that it does so very rapidly,” he added.

However, this isn’t the worst part. A separate 2016 study by researchers at Duke University and King’s College London found children living in violent neighborhoods exhibit higher rates of psychotic symptoms. Then there are the victims of violence themselves, who can suffer PTSD at rates comparable to soldiers who have experienced front-line combat. Put simply, the science shows that rough neighborhoods dramatically shape how both locals and visitors alike experience the world around them. Is it time then, to revisit the long discredited Urban Survival Syndrome?

Urban Survival Syndrome Definition

The notion of Urban Survival Syndrome was long ago dismissed as little more than a poor excuse for unacceptably aggressive social behavior. Urban Dictionary describes it as a “fear-thy-neighbor mentality” that causes its victims to “feel they have no way of protecting themselves from crime or violence, except by killing anybody who threatens or harasses them.”

“Such mentality is usually the result of living in violent, crime-prone (typically inner-city) areas for long periods of time and/or watching too much television (no joke),” the internet’s most authoritative dictionary explained.

At this point, almost everyone who has lived in a rough neighborhood is probably nodding. If you haven’t felt the tug of Urban Survival Syndrome yourself, you probably know someone who shows signs of it. Despite this, the supposed syndrome has long been dismissed as simply a lame excuse used by paranoid individuals with anger management issues.

How Urban Survival Syndrome Died

How Urban Survival Syndrome Died | What is Urban Survival Syndrome?
How Urban Survival Syndrome Died Photo by Flickr

Its slide into cynical Internet joke started before the Internet itself really took off. Back in 1994, Urban Survival Syndrome was used as a defense in the trial of Texan African American teenager Daimion Osby. Osby was facing two counts of first-degree murder, after gunning down two unarmed men in a parking lot. The backstory: the two men had been hounding Osby for months over the outcome of a game of street craps.

“Our guy [Osby] just didn’t show these fellows the proper respect … and they just increased the level of violence until he was fearful for his life,” defense attorney David Bays told The Washington Post at the time.

In other words, Osby’s defense was simple: he had been so terrorized that he believed it was either kill or be killed.

At the time, the case became a media sensation, as Osby’s lawyers experimented with what is now known as the Urban Survival Syndrome defense. Used much like the classic temporary insanity defense, the idea looked like it could catch on. The original trial ended with a hung jury, spurring a wave of interest in this new legal defense.

“It’s just like open warfare,” another of Osby’s lawyers, Bill Lane argued.

“And if you’re to survive as a young African-American in that neighborhood, you have to take steps necessary to protect yourself,” he told The Seattle Times.

Critics, however, argued Urban Survival Syndrome was an excessive step towards “individualizing” justice; in other words, applying different standards of conduct to different people. For critics like John Monahan, a psychologist and law professor at the University of Virginia, the ultimate question is simple: where do we draw the line?

“If we allow urban psychosis as a defense to a crime, what would be next?” he rhetorically inquired during an interview with The New York Times. “Suburban psychosis, marked by a pathological fear of lawn mowers and barbecues?”

This entire debate abruptly ended with the conclusion of Osby’s retrial, which saw him convicted on the two murder counts and sentenced to life in prison.

The Urban Survival Syndrome was dead, at least as a legal defense.

Are Bad Cities Driving Us Crazy?

However, two decades later, is it time to rethink Urban Survival Syndrome? Not as a legal defense, but as a way to understand our society’s growing tension. We live in a time where people are increasingly stressed, depressed and utterly overwhelmed. Since the Osby case, violent crime has overall fallen dramatically across the U.S., but public fear has skyrocketed. Throw in a tense political climate, social media alienation, and frustration with the growing wealth gap, and it’s perhaps no surprise Americans are feeling increasingly helpless, frustrated and outright angry. Clearly, there’s no single explanation for society’s growing tension, but maybe we need to take a break from blaming politics, the news and Facebook for our collective psychological woes, and instead put our physical surroundings back under the microscope. After two decades of urban decay, it’s time to ask ourselves the same question Osby’s jury grappled with: is the state of our cities literally driving us crazy?


Watch this video from Survival Lily for the top 5 urban survival skills you need to know:

The urban survival syndrome, to others, is just that–a syndrome. For some others, it is all too real. Some even lived to tell about their urban survival experiences. While it cannot be legally used in defense, you can still be wary about your urban surroundings. Arm yourself with the proper urban survival know-hows essential in your self-preservation.

Do you feel you have an urban survival syndrome like you’re always in a survival mode in the big bad city? Let us know your thoughts about it and this article in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on December 18, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

What is Urban Survival Syndrome?

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Urban Survival Gadgets | The Best Pieces of Equipment for Survival

Urban Survival Gadgets | The Best Pieces of Equipment for Survival

Urban survival gadgets are the perfect gift for your urban prepper friends. Despite the comfort of the modern world, we can’t ignore the possible dangers that threaten our peaceful existence. The creation of clever devices as a survival gear aid in our most basic needs to survive. Whether it’s a day’s long trip in the woods or an actual survival situation, these life-saving tools prove to be most useful in planning your bug-out bag.

Urban Survival Gadgets | The Best Pieces of Equipment for Survival



I gave myself this present a few months back, and have only had the opportunity to try it a few times. So far though, it’s been love at first sight for the Lifestraw. This gadget is the star of stars in a real survival situation. It takes only 3 days for the human body to survive without hydration. This bad boy might just increase one’s chances of being rescued by staying alive for a few more days.  

Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System

This survival tool is advertised to filter up to 378,000 liters instead of just 1000. Sawyer also scores points for its design as an extension to ordinary water bottles, while having its own collapsible water bottle. Either way, both the LifeStraw and Sawyer make great stocking stuffers.

FREE Survival Tool Offer

FREE Survival Tool Offer

Leatherman Squirt PS4

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of multi-tools, but even I can admit the PS4 is pretty solid. It’s noticeably smaller and more compact than most other high-quality multi-tools, yet still contains all the basics any survivalist is after. My favorite aspect of the design is the fact that every item is accessible without opening the entire tool, which really makes this little guy far more convenient to use than many of its competitors.

VSSL First Aid Critical Emergency Gear in a Durable Organized Container

Cuter than anything else, the VSSL is a magic box of basic medical gear. It’s like a first aid kit you can fit in your pocket, or keep at the bottom of your everyday backpack. Extremely convenient, and easily slipped into any urban survival kit.

Everstryke Waterproof Lighter

Waterproof lighters aren’t just for camping; a fact appreciated by survivalists who experienced 2017’s rough season of floods and storms. This also happens to be the only product on this list that I’d literally suggest throwing in the toilet. Go ahead, then fish it back out again and be amazed that it still works. This thing is as tough as nails and able to get a fire going even under ridiculous conditions.

Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Folding Knife

Easily one of the best folding knives on the market right now, the Blur is beloved for its light weight and versatility. The corrosion resistant blade is a dream for both cutting and stabbing and holds up pretty well under pressure. Plus, the grip is amazing, and it looks sweet as well. This survival knife is definitely a good idea to include in your urban survival kit.

Credit Card Knife

If you’d rather something even more discrete, it’s harder to get thinner than the credit card knife. Small enough to fit in a wallet but still sharp enough to get the job done, this little guy is a great everyday carry companion. It can even be a means of self-defense tool in an urban environment.

Trangia Spirit Burner

Likely to bring up childhood memories of Scouts weekend trips, the Trangia has stood the test of time for a reason: it works. These camping stoves are great for when the power goes out, and are both easy to use and virtually impossible to destroy. Plus, they’re dirt cheap and an essential addition to your urban survival gear.

MSR Whisperlite Universal

A favorite of wilderness survivalists and hikers the world over, the Whisperlite has worked hard to maintain its popular moniker, the Kalashnikov of stoves. It’s easy to use, easy to maintain and can run on a wide variety of fuels. Its newest variant, the Universal, runs on white gas, kerosene and unleaded gasoline and even butane. Realistically, it’s probably better suited to the wilderness than the urban environment, but come on, you know you want it.

AUKEY 21W Solar Charger

Okay, so this one is just plain cool. It’s a collapsible solar charger for your smartphone. Whether you love or hate smartphones, you’ve got to admit this is neat, and potentially extremely useful. Imagine the power goes out during a flood, and you want to keep up-to-date with the forecast. All you need is a few moments of clear sunlight, and you’ve got just enough charge to keep the smartphone alive and kicking.

Exotic MREs

Every survivalist loves to taste test a Meal Ready to Eat (MRE). It’s like exploring the world through bland emergency rations. In all fairness though, some MREs are legitimately good. French MREs are the stuff of legend, while South Korea’s are apparently some of the most flavorful you’ll ever get. Russian MREs, on the other hand, are often considered so bad they’re worth trying just for laughs.

MECO Hand Cranking Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight

Most survivalists already have their own favorite flashlight, but what about a backup? The MECO is built for last stands when you’ve run out of batteries and the candles are burning low. This solar powered flashlight can be easily charged by simply attaching it to the outside of your bag. If there’s no sun, don’t panic: six minutes of turning the crank will provide you with around an hour of light, meaning you’ll never be left in the dark again. The slightly pricier ThorFire is also supposed to be good and has the added perk of being advertised as somewhat waterproof.

Vaughan B215 15-Inch Long Original SuperBar

The king of crowbars, the B215 SuperBar has long been favorite of tradespeople and has garnered a bit of a cult following among urban survivalists. Its heavy-duty design will make it your best friend when things get rough.


Can the Lifestraw really be trusted? Check out this video by Backpacking Bananas: 

This gadget list is definitely a dream collection for urban preppers out there. Just remember that survival plan in the woods is different from what could potentially happen in the urban areas. People might resort to violence when provisions run out so it’s a different kind of chaos. Either way, these survival tools will be helpful in an urban disaster one way or another.

What can you say about these urban survival gadgets? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in January 2018 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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